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  1. Richard Mann 07960844396. Has worked for Sheffield kitchen outlet. Really pleased with his work. Think he lives at crosspool but we're at lntake .
  2. Try Morris Bywater in town. They have a workshop on site.
  3. I've found a ladies ring in Morrisons carpark at Halfway this morning. If you've lost one pm me & if you can give me an accurate description I'll get it back to you.
  4. Bought one a couple of months ago from there. Salesperson wasn't at all pushy gave us lots of advice & pleased with quality.
  5. I'll be proud to join in the round of applause at Bramall Lane on Tuesday in memory of your little fighter. Heartfelt sympathy to you & your family.
  6. Coates solicitors at Mosborough. Just dealt with my mom's probate & completely efficient & kept us informed every step of the way.
  7. The person who did the post was from Oughtibridge but it could be heard at this side as well. I live at Intake & thought it was coming from the industrial estate on Birley Vale it was that clear & it's the same again this time. A lot suggested it was coming from Attercliffe which would certainly carry, all I know it's bloody annoying.
  8. It's the second week running - see the previous post Oughtibridge rave- everyone can hear it. Luckily it finished at 7 last week so it should be over anytime now.
  9. Another vote for Coates at Mosborough. Dealt with our wills & also used them for conveyancing - really efficient small family business.
  10. Spent hours doing it. Elastic tied around the chair legs and me dad playing hell because he wanted to read the paper in peace and I was jumping all over his feet.
  11. In a word yes. I was diagnosed in my early 20s & I'm now mid 40s. My symptoms come and go but was initially told that it affects young women on the pill. It seems to have been less severe as I have got older but at its worst I can only describe it as trying to see through windows that are covered in grease or paint. This will last for about 4 weeks & then resolves itself. Luckily I've only ever had it in one eye at a time. I've never been told a cure is available but at its worst I was given steroid injections into my eyes which was horrendous but as I said the episodes are less frequent now anyway.
  12. I've not had any problems at all. I'm at Intake & it's been working fine. On 4g but wouldn't have thought that would make a difference.
  13. I use Castle dental at the top of Granville Road. I've always been pleased with them.
  14. We've been for a walk this morning around Rother Valley and the carpark at the Meadow Gate Avenue side is becoming a a fly tippers paradise. Loads of stuff left by some lazy sods that can't be bothered to go to a tip to get rid of their stuff.
  15. At the best he works four days per week, a large amount of time spent in the reportedly £20,000 conservatory that he insisted was built so he didn't have to stand out in the cold - obviously misses his many Dubai jaunts when he has to be seen to be managing. A lazy manager breeds a lazy team and that's whats happened at S6.
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