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  1. I only got caned once and it was for not getting a math test all correct - but then so did half the class. Since it broke my little finger my mom as at the school the next day to see the Head Master, Miss Tindal was the teacher at Carfield Junior School.
  2. Hello Richard: I took a look at the Sheffield map as my memory of the streets is not so good. We were down near the woods. Thorpe house Road T junctions into Thorpe House Avenue. We were on the south side of the road just after Lees Hall Road. Jillian and Collin Palmer lived on Lees Hall Road just round the corner from me. Catherine Bagshaw lived on Thorpe House Avenue - I would turn right on there to get to her house. A little further down Thorpe House Road was a family on the other side of the road by the name of Davis. They had an adopted daughter, Pamela, who used to play with one of my younger sisters, Janina. I think you are right - we must have crossed paths at some point. Do you remember in the senior school there was a very well built girl!!! with two friends who used to hang out in the girls playground by the arch into the boys playground. They were pretty tough characters and I stayed well away from them. They were in the senior class age 15. After my first term there she disappeared and when I asked where she had gone someone said she had got pregnant. 'Don't know if it was true or not but I was glad not to have to watch out for her any more. She used to stand there by the entrance to the boys yard and taunt them, who would naturally try to come after her into our yard! Having come from a Convent this was an eye opener !!!! Do you remember on the way down from Lees Hall Road, before you got to the very steep hill, that went down to the road to school, there was a sweet shop on the right side of the road? We didn't get to go there too often but I loved it when I had a penny or a thre'pence or sixpence and could go choose, very carefully, how to spend my bounty. My favoriate was chocolate but sometimes wanted something that would last longer - like gobstoppers!!!!! ---------- Post added 15-08-2015 at 04:12 ---------- Just remembered a funny story - well it seemed very funny to me at the time. Mrs. Bagshaw from down the road used to walk her dog several times a day and would often stop by for a cup of tea and a chat with my mother. One day mom and I were doing housework together in our front living room, I guess I was around 16! I think for the first time in my life I answered her back about something and little as she was (all 5' of her) she came rushing toward me with her hand raised and yelled "big as you are I'll slap you". I was in such shock, never having had mom that angry with me, I ran round the back of the settee! Mom was angry enough she came after me. At that point I happened to look up and saw Mrs. Bagshaw stood at our front bay window with her mouth open, chin almost to the floor!!!!! I suddenly burst out laughing as I realized how comical we must have looked with a 5'6" girl in fear, being chased down by this little woman!! Fortunately for me, at that moment mom also realized what I was laughing at and joined in. Thank goodness for neighbors --- sometimes: rant: That was a close call - phew, there's nothing worse than a little mother scorned! ---------- Post added 15-08-2015 at 04:25 ---------- Hey - I think I remember when Glyn moved into our district now that you mention the name. A bunch of us played street games but never palled around just us. I'm pretty sure he was younger than me but there were a group of kids around in those years and we all got together at different times, depending when our moms let us out or who was tough enough to go out to play in the rain but my happiest memories were those lovely crisp, dark winter nights, sledding down the street with Colin Palmer, his sister and mine and a few others. Those nights after super and homework was done, seemed to go on for EVER!!!!!!
  3. Hello Richard - So nice to have a name to talk to!! I think we were in different classes and it could be because I started school at 4 years of age in a Convent in Burngreave Road. I left there when I was nine so that would be in 1957 and did the last 2 years of junior school at Carfield, so that would be for Junior years 3 and 4. I failed the 11+ so went into Carfield Seniors and took the 13+ and passed that. What I didn't know when it came time for Carfield to close was that I had a chance to go to a grammer school. I was told by our local priest that I would be transferred to St. Paul's Catholic School which was just opening up. I called my mother who is now in Canada (along with all three of my sisters and their families) and asked her if she realized I could have gone to a grammer school and she said that the priest - Father Putman never mentioned there was a choice and I guess there were some things going on with my mother and stepfather at the time so no one thought to contact the school or the school system to find out what my options were. As it turned out I did well at the Catholic school and became top girl of the school and Head Girl and Head Librarian but 'am disappointed to learn there were other options I might have had. Are you on facebook? - I am under Patricia Broughton. If so we could hook up there! Somehow shared backgrounds makes a kind of bond which is not the same as with others you meet in life:
  4. My name at that time was Patricia Ashby but everyone called me Pat. I wore my hair in long dark brown plaits or pigtails as we called them. It's hard to remember names of fellow students but I remember there was a Terry (Terrance), also Margaret Car (Carr?) and Catherine Bagshaw who was my friend. I was in Mr. Ainsworth's class at one point and he had a son who I think was in a year below mine and I was friendly with him. I remember Jillian and Collin Palmer who lived round the corner from us and Jillian Ellis lived on our road - Thorpe House Road. She had a younger brother but can't remember his name. I think she was a year younger than me too but not sure. There was a David Wells also on our road who palled around with a girl across from us called Susan - Can't remember her surname. Catherine and I used to go down the road to the woods at the bottom and loved to play on what we called the 'bouncy log', which was a big old tea which had fallen across the river in the woods. We also used to go up to an old disused farm house and look around for pieces of broken pearl buttons. I guess they must had had some kind of workshop producing them! Do any of these things ring a bell with you?
  5. Hi Schoolrdgal: I didn't know about Friends reunited but just checked and could not find St. Paul's School Sheffield on there although, there are several other schools from around the country by that name. Do you have any idea what else I should be looking under. I may not be using the site effectively?
  6. Paul Euclid and Hansel were in the same class. They are still in contact with each other I understand. Although I knew Paul I didn't spend time with him. They were both in the year below mine so they left in '65 as I left in '64. Hansel and I continued our friendship after leaving school and after I left England in '70 we have continued to write and phone from time to time.
  7. Thanks - My British geography is a little hazy these days ;o)
  8. The sisters were the Little Sisters of the Poor who taught at Burngreave Road Convent.
  9. Eee by gum chum, my MUM'S bum is numb! - Least that's how I remember it.
  10. I don't know if there was a place in Brighton for Kunzel cakes but they were a very fond memory - never saw them after I left England! We always went back to Scarborough for vacations because that is where my mum and I were both from. I left England in 1970 to be a nanny in Toronto Canada - married and other than a few vacations never went back after mom, dad and sisters all joined me in Canada. Margaret Thatcher was closing down all the steel industry (I worked at Brown Bailey Steels) and there was not a lot to take it's place at that time in Sheffield so the family all joined me in Canada.
  11. Hi: My Grandparents, Edward and Gladys Gibson owned a café on Blands Cliff in Scarborough. We used to serve Jugs of hot tea and coffee and the customers would rent the jugs and cups and place a deposit which was returned when the jugs were returned. We also served Cornish Pasties(before that was outlawed to call them that), kunzel cakes(lovely chocolate cups with different flavours in them), chips, sandwiches, biscuits and other easy finger foods. They finally gave it up when they got into their late 60's, probably around the early 1970's. At that time they were also involved in a toy shop up on the main drag. Our great grandfather's tobacconist shop, Kisby's was run by our uncle Teddy Gibson after Granddad Kisby died.
  12. Perhaps it's because I have moved so much in my life but I don't remember any girls by that name. Maybe we were not in the same class after all? The class I was in mostly left at age 15 and as I stated before, there were only 4 left of our year who stayed on for the RSA's. ---------- Post added 30-07-2015 at 16:57 ---------- 'Do you remember Theresa Jagawalawch? She came from a large polish family. I was allowed to go around with her because her family were Polish as was my step father so he knew them a little from the Polish club, next door to where they lived. The only other girl I spent a lot of time with was Sylvania and dad allowed that because her Italian father insisted we be chaperoned by her older sister, Angelina. Dad was very strict with us girls!!!!!!!
  13. Whoops!!!! Sorry about that. I did wonder about the spelling as I thought the butcher's shop was Talbot's but wondered if I had remembered incorrectly. Seems I did remember incorrectly on several levels.........lol Since you went to St. Paul's how far away did you live - did you have a long trip in to Sheffield?
  14. Hi Josie - Yes, I am on facebook under Patricia Broughton(my married name - actually Lady Broughton). Of course in the US the title is not used. My Aunt was also a Patricia and she is called Pat in the family so I use the name Trish with family and friends to prevent any confusion. The title comes through marriage. Josie, I'm taking a guess but did you live in Healy Green and your father owned a butcher shop there? If so I remember you coming out to the country one bright sunny February day when the snow was still on the ground. It was around my birthday and dad took us both out to the country. I think you had a skin problem like eczema and by the time we returned home it was really improved with the fresh country air. 'Am I remembering correctly? ---------- Post added 29-07-2015 at 21:06 ---------- Sorry - I should have given you my e-mail address - p.ashbybroughton@verizon.net
  15. Thank you Gerry for your post. I don't remember either of these names but then they may have different names if they are married. I tended to hang around with a girl named (Sylvana?), also Hansel D'Rosa. Hansel and I are still in touch with each other. I wish I remembered more names from those days but after living in 3 countries my early days are not so clear when it comes to names. Patricia Broughton, CDPE Licensed Real Estate Professional ---------- Post added 28-07-2015 at 13:53 ---------- I guess you must have been in class or known the younger two D'Rosa's a boy and a girl. As you say, a lovely family. I met the father and mother at the open days at school. I think they were both teachers but not at St. Pauls.
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