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  1. On the contrary, I think I have contributed in a most positive manner. I have suggested a solution (take a book) and my opinion that the world is full of issues to get upset about, but whether or not you are allowed to use your Kindle on the side of a public swimming bath is not one of them. So, to surmise, my contribution is to relax, get over, move on with your life, and take a book to Zest should you wish to read something. It seems a most simple, some would say elegant, solution. But now, I have a life. Adieu and good luck with your crusade.
  2. I would humbly suggest there are bigger issues to get excited about. But hey, it's your life. Spend your time as you wish.
  3. My child attends swimming lessons at Zest. When I saw the signs banning mobile phones etc. at poolside, do you know what I did? I took a book. Problem solved. Did I feel I was being subjugated by the nanny state? No. Did I feel my civil liberties were being infringed? No. Rather I saw it as a sensible precaution taken by the pool, and an opportunity for me to get re-acquainted with a much loved book. There isn't a problem. The reason this whole thing has dragged on for 10 (ten!) pages here is because of outraged keyboard warriors who take any possible opportunity to vent their spleen at the world. Get over it. Move on.
  4. Good grief. First world problems. You can't use your ebook reader for 35 minutes. Boo hoo. My heart bleeds.
  5. For all you parents pulling your hair out at the moment, Go Go Hamsters will be arriving at Toys R Us at 9am tomorrow (Friday). First come first served, hamsters only, one per person! BTW - anyone know where the cars for the hamsters can be found??
  6. Post-Halloween ghost hunting fun at the Unicorn pub, Worksop on November 1st, 8pm until midnight (of course!). The events includes 30 minute ghost walk around Worksop, ESP test for all guests, tarot readings (not everyone guaranteed to get a reading), spirit communication with glass moving, actual seance in the dark, and red-light mediumship! All this for just £20. Contact the venue for more details: The Unicorn, Bridge Street, Worksop S80 1DA Tel: 01909 537011
  7. Is it just my TomTom, or has there been very bad coverage in the Yorkshire area recently. I've had great trouble getting a decent signal while driving around Sheffield all the way up to Bradford, but if I head south and get into Nottinghamshire the signal sorts itself out and there's no problem! Is it just me?
  8. Yep, all sorted - got a permit winging it's way to me as we speak!
  9. Does anyone know what the rules and regs are with regard to busking in the city centre/Fargate area? I guess that the council would be the people to ask, but wondered if there were any kind city "ambassadors" or street wardens on here who could fill me in with the details? Any help much appreciated.
  10. Not wanting to take this thread off topic, but just thought it might be worth mentioning that for fans of horror and general spookiness my company are running a ghost hunt and seance (plus 3 course meal of course!) at the seriously spooky and haunted Lion Hotel in Worksop on Friday 21st August. The idea for this was inspired by one of my favourite haunted house films, "The House on Haunted Hill" - the B&W original with Vincent Price, although the remake was okay-ish. Details at http://www.seancenights.co.uk
  11. 3 course meal plus ghost hunt and seance at the Lion Hotel, Worksop, Friday, August 21st, 8.30 pm til midnight! Full details at http://www.seancenights.co.uk
  12. Well I've got to say that I hate magpies. There are hundreds of the things where I live and if any other bird pops its head out of the bushes it is swooped upon by them and killed. The only birds that can stand up to them are the crows, everything else is just a quick snack. We don't have a dawn chorus anymore, just that awful screeching noise they make as they attack another nest.
  13. Noticed a lot of police around Redmires Road and Lodge Moor shops on the tea time of the 30th June and also yesterday (the 1st). Several police cars and a police van, plus a small group of police patroling the area. I then went up to Wyming Brook to walk the dog later in the day and a police car and police van were heading up to the dams. Probably nothing, but it just got me interested. Yes, I know, I'm just nosey.
  14. That's great, thanks. It's actually the antique market I'm after. Does this market take place in the market square?
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