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  1. Yeah owner has been found. Thanks to help from a lot of people sharing on facebook. Can't stress enough that a simple ID tag could have made this kind of situation a lot easier. Glad her owners managed to find out where she was, I'm sure this is not always the case.
  2. If only she had an ID tag. She could have been home within minutes
  3. Black and white springer spaniel found just off Rivelin Valley Crescent around 1.30 Older female, very friendly. No ID tags and she isn't microchipped I have tried everything to try and find her owner, knocked on doors, went to Rivelin (where I suspect she went missing) and have left my details at the cafe there. Took her to the vets to be scanned for microchip but no luck. I cannot keep hold of her, so I will have to take her to the dog wardens shortly. If anyone owns this dog or knows the owner can they please get in touch asap 07540 115 080 If I am unable to answer the call it probably means I am at work, which will in turn mean the dog is at the dog pound (I am going to take her to the one on Spring Street) Thanks Alex Hope she finds her owner, she is a very sweet dog and I bet someone is really missing her ---------- Post added 12-11-2014 at 16:14 ---------- https://www.facebook.com/groups/320707528045049/permalink/652363698212762/ Pictures can be seen here
  4. I can recommend Cassie's Dog Grooming at Foxhill. I took my dog there recently, she can be quite nervous in new situatations, but when I picked her up she was very relaxed and happy. The staff there are really friendly and she is very flexible about drop off/pick up times.
  5. Hi thanks for your input Obviously there is a lot of legal and liability issues to think about. I have a lot of ideas in my head so at the moment I am just trying to distinguish between the ones which are useful and practical and the ones that would be best just kept in my head lol. With regards to the socialiation side, these would be kept seperate from the day care side of things and owners would be asked to stay for the duration. I know its a big thing for owners to leave their dog in the care of another person especially when there are other unfamiliar dogs involved. So maybe I should look more into providing an environment where dogs can learn and play together and the owners can stay with their dogs for the duration. Thanks again for your responses
  6. Thanks. Yeah I know it will be a lot of hard work if it ever gets off the ground, but I know it will be fun and rewarding at the same time. The adult socialisation is a big thing for me, because I feel like if your dog isn't as well behaved as you would like around other dogs, then people with dogs avoid you and you never get the opportunity to allow your dog to mix. So I think for dogs like yours with a strong character, or rescue dogs, this would be great.
  7. Hi everyone Basically, I run a small dog walking business, and things are going well. However, it has always been a big dream of mine to own and run a doggy day care centre. Where dogs can come and spend the day, having lots of interactions with other dogs. I was also hoping to have along side the full day care, something like coffee mornings where people can bring their dogs along, have a cuppa with other dog owners and watch their dogs having fun. I would also like to offer puppy socialisation times, so dogs can learn nice manners and social skills from an early age. Another side to the business I was thinking about offering would be maybe an evening or weekend session set aside for adult dogs that aren't very well socialised. I know it's hard for an unsocialable dog to be introduced to other dogs, so I was hoping to be able to provide socialisation sessions for these kinds of dogs under careful supervision. Like I said at the moment this is a dream in my head, but I am just looking for some opinions and/or advice to see if this kind of business will be of any use to any of you dog owners out there. I'm currently living in s35 and would like to set this up around this area, but depending on availability of premises etc, the location could change. Thanks Alex
  8. Hi. I also cover the s35 area. Other areas also include s5 and s6. I am fully insured and disclosure checked. Only I have access to keys and only I know which key is for which household, but as a precaution lost keys are covered by my insurance. Thanks for any interest Alex Edwards - 4-PAWZ Dog Walking & Pet Sitting
  9. Smartypants on the lanes at Meadowhall are really good, and reasonably priced. They printed a hoody for me today, and can't fault them at all. Its only £8 per side and it's usually ready in less than half an hour.
  10. My furminator has arrived They're brilliant! Never seen so much hair come off her so easily, definitely worth the money, best brush I've ever bought, really gets the under coat out, not just the loose ones on top. Thanks for the recommendations x
  11. If it's as good as everyone says, then I'm more than happy to pay the price
  12. My dog is moulting A LOT at the moment. Any suggestions for a really good brush to get rid of as much hair as possible. She's moults all yeah round so I am looking for any suggestions on good brushes so I can get as much dead hair off her as I can and less of it to go on the carpets! She's a collie cross so has quite a think dense coat, I've heard a lot of good things about the FURminator, is it really as good as they say?
  13. I would be more than happy to stay over at the house, so he will get plenty of attention and walks, as well as company throughout the day
  14. Hi, I offer pet sitting. I can either come and see to him twice a day, or alternatively I can stay over at your house to look after him. What dates are you going away? And what area do you live in? I have insurance that covers me for staying at your house, and dog walking insurance, so your dog will be covered by my insurance both inside and outside of the house. I have written references, but I can also give you phone numbers of people I have house sat for before, so you can hear it from them for yourself. Get in touch if you're interested
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