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  1. I had this last night, navigated to the site and it redirected to a dodgy Russian dating site page and tried to force me to click a link.
  2. Pure on Raw? http://www.pureonraw.co.uk/
  3. Bobbed along here for 3rd visit yesterday. No major issues with the food though the wife's chicken had been overcooked and was a little dry. The main issue was that the staff seemed more interested in chatting to each other rather than serving us. We had to specifically ask for menu's and orders be taken for deserts which is pretty poor. And I was served a cup of tea that was only half full. On asking for a top up, the tea was sorted but the staff were obviously laughing about it as I left the bar. Decent enough food generally but not sure I'll bother returning for a fourth visit.
  4. Well I'm a cyclist who,as a car driver, always follows the rules of the road. I honestly never knew that fargate/the moor were fully pedestrianised and cycling prohibited. Especially given both have bike racks on them to lock up your bike.
  5. There's always the 6 napkin burger at Mud Crab on Ecclesall road. 6 burgers and mountain of chips
  6. Try these: http://www.heavenlycheesecakes.co.uk/ Based in Nether Edge. Really really nice cheesecake!
  7. I went for a meal a couple of days ago - the food was pretty decent actually - I had a burger, the wife had the pie. The pie itself was really good but the presentation was a bit uninspiring - carrots, beans and mash. The burger was very nice and the chips were good. Deserts by Fancie too with Our cow Molly ice cream which can't be bad.... We only went due to the playground but I'd definitely eat there again.
  8. There's places that charge more, Cricket Inn for example. And that's a far inferior burger IMO. In fact Relish just down the road is £11 with nowt on it: http://www.relishrelish.co.uk/classics.html
  9. Menu's up online now... http://www.mudcrabdiner.co.uk/menus/mudcrab-menu.pdf Went last night and had Grinch Wine Bar special fried chicken, Cheeseburger with Chilli and Baked Alaska. All really nice and they sell a peak district lager called Moravska that was rather tasty. One bad point is not much choice for Vegetarians - for mains there's a choice of 1 pizza and that's it really. The 6 napkin burger looks dangerous, six burgers!
  10. I'm knackered my foot so can't run. That and I forgot to start training. PM me if you want the ticket, it can be transferred online here: http://www.sheffieldmarathon.com/enter/switch/
  11. There's a review posted in the burger thread: http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showpost.php?p=8843540&postcount=65 I've bobbed down once and had a cheeseburger with Bacon. It was most tasty. The wife had a shared middle eastern platter for a tenner that looked nice too.
  12. Try Jam photography 07969360889. I had some photos of my very lively 2 year old taken - was so impressed with the result, particularly as he literally does not sit still! Ours were in the studio in Sheffield but can also have on location to suit you. I thought price very competitive considering quality and uniqueness of images. Hair and make up styling available too- think gives more info re that on website.
  13. Try Jam photography 07969360889. Had some fantastic photos taken of my son following a recommendation- really unique- and style and location can be in adapted. This was really useful for me as he does not sit still at all (!) so couldn't quite believe the end result! I seem to recall on website there are some nice photos of pregnant mum and child, natural images.
  14. Hi, just wondering whether this is full up yet?
  15. Random question but does Gerry still work behind the bar?
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