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  1. hi thomas long time no see i know your dad very well hes my cousin lol the last time i saw you you were only a little one , how is ur dad theses days not seen him for a few yrs we used to have a right laugh xx
  2. thanks all got it fixed today it was the oil filter housing
  3. hi ive got a vauxhall vectra sxi x reg and ive changed the oil and filter today and when we tried to take the top of the housing the whole thing has moved and now the oil is leaking out or should i say ******* out now .im trying to find out whats happened and how to fix it can anyone help thanks
  4. im looking for the wholesalers who sell the above so i can set up a stall can anyone help thanks
  5. its none of them it was a girlie film though its really doin mi head in now ive asked everyone
  6. it wasnt kinky boots dont no who was in it it was in the 90s
  7. its not semi pro or the new guy its really doin my head in i will no it straight away when some one puts the name on i used to watch this film every weekend when i was a teen
  8. it was a 90s film i think and it had the song ,mr big stuff who do you think you are, that played in it ,it was a really good film i need the name if anyone can help thanks
  9. thanks for all the replys guys will tel him to try these companies today thanks
  10. my brother inlaw has passed his test today age 19yr and hes been phoning round all day for quotes for car insurance some of the vehicles he got quotes for was a FIAT CHIQUCHENTO FORD FIESTA RENUALT CLIO VAUXHALL CORSA NISSAN MICRA he didnt get one quote under 1800 pound does anyone know a good insurance company to try thanks
  11. iam looking for a silk wrap nail kit i usually buy the sally hansen one with the silk wrap powder in and the activator ect in for a fiver but where i got it from no longer sell them can anyone help
  12. i have just recently gone back on the cb from years ago theres not many people on now is anyone on from the forum
  13. My sons got an xbox 360 its around 10mths old and the problem with it is theres nothing comming up on the tv but there is sound we have been and bought a new scart lead today tried it on 3 tvs and still no pic can anyone help or does anyone know the micro soft help line num for the 360 thanks
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