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  1. Sheffield band Bison are looking for a new drummer. Drummers from all musical backgrounds welcome to audition. We currently play mainly ska/reggae, but we do encompass other genres, and are open-minded about what direction we might take in the future. Practice every Tuesday as well as a few gigs a year, some local, others further afield. Also recording. We need someone who will be reliable but who brings fun and enjoyment to their music. Go here for a flavour of what we’re about: https://allhailthebison.bandcamp.com/ If you are interested, please reply to this, contact thevoiceofbison@gmail.com or DM me. Cheers!
  2. It sounds completely mental. And your link doesn't work.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I'll hold off on suicide for the moment. To holymoses, I would respectfully suggest that there's 'different views on the topic', and then there's this kind of thing: "Its cus of idiots like you that this country is in the state it is, if your that concerned why not **** off over there and help out ? As for mugabe we could learn a few things from him and get things back on an even keel over here"
  4. I've just skim-read the Privilege Thalambo thread and am now severely depressed. The level of racism, idiocy, self-deception, and a complete lack of compassion or humanity on display from quite a high proportion of the posters on there is just incredible. I love living in Sheffield, so can somebody please convince me that this is just a highly vocal minority of embittered whack-jobs and that I don't have to move or kill myself? Thanks.
  5. Oh god, look at their faces! http://www.myspace.com/craine1 Look at the expressions on their terrible faces! "We're rock stars," they're saying. "We're very talented and what we do is terribly important, which is why you want to be us. But you're not us, you're just you. But at least we've provided you with our glorious music, so for four and a half brief minutes, you too can know in your own small way, how amazing it is to reach the pinnacle of human achievement and be in Craine. Worship us." Why does this matter so much to me?
  6. I honestly don't think I've ever witnessed a band as gut-wrenchingly poor as Craine. I really mean that. They are the kind of band that can actually set off a bout of depression. Their music is plodding and dull. Their lyrics are the kind of blandly meaningless pap that make Chris Martin look like William Blake. Their stage show is empty, pompous rock-star posturing. Someone said the singer thinks he's Freddie Mercury, but it's not Freddy Mercury. It's Bono. He thinks he's Bono. God help us all. I don't like slagging bands off while they're still trying to break through, but I think with Craine it's almost like a public service, because they're so bad that it's almost inevitable they'll be successful and they need to be stopped. I don't care what methods they employ to promote themselves, but I suspect their motives. I don't think they're trying to create something good and interesting, to entertain, provoke or inspire. I think they're just trying to make themselves famous and that's what their awful, dreary music is for. Please, restore my faith in humanity and ignore this terrible band.
  7. I had a fantastic time at pride, as I think did the rest of the band. It was great to see so many people there and such a positive vibe. If anybody has any pictures of the mankini, please let me know. It is only right that they should be plastered all over Facebook for Giles's family, work mates, etc. to see. Cheers Jim (Bison) PS Those who missed us - we're playing at Peace in the Park next Saturday, which should be similarly fun. www.peaceinthepark.org.uk
  8. "But it's one moral/ethic versus another and I think in this instance providing the best for your own child should win over lying." It's amazing how far people will go to rationalise bad behaviour when they have kids. As if giving your kids a leg up will justify anything. YOUR CHILD DOES NOT DESERVE THE BEST Your child deserves the same opportunities and advantages as everybody else's child, and if you think it's any less selfish and wrong than good old-fashioned benefit fraud, just because you're doing it for the little angels, you're kidding yourself.
  9. Jeremy, you can totally say 'black'. You can also say 'woman'. You can open doors for people. You can say 'miss' or whatever if you don't know the correct title, so long as you politely apologise when you're corrected. If you're getting aggro off people for this kind of thing you've either been very unlucky or you're not being completely honest.
  10. The worst thing about St. Paul's, apart from it just looking uninspired and generally crap, is that it blocks off the last bit of view from the peace gardens across the city, so whereas before we had a sense of open space, now there's just another rubbish square building.
  11. "pre-Madonna"? Brilliant. I'm going to see G 'n' R at Roskilde, but I'm suspecting it's going to be more of a freak show than anything else, and I'll be off to see Sigur Ros after a few songs. A recent G 'n' R show was the first thing ever to get zero stars in Kerrang. £40+? You've got to be joking. Appetite for Destruction is still possibly the best rock album ever though.
  12. I've gone a bit John Peel recently - been listening to Captain Beefheart and the Fall.
  13. He's right, you know. It's total genius. I've been downloading this weekly foray into the confused workings of Karl Pilkington's brain every Monday morning. Can't believe you haven't had any replies to this actually. Did you know that they did a similar show on XFM before the Guardian thing? You can download it for free here.... http://www.xfm.co.uk//Sectional.asp?id=4604
  14. The phrase 'Oasis rip-off' in the poll on this thread is a bit of a giveaway. It's always easy to point out what you think is an influence (although, Oasis?! Have you actually listened to the album? Surely the Libertines would be the band to accuse them of ripping off if you have to...) and then claim that the music is derivative. It's the first thing people do when they don't want to give a band a chance. Name any band ever and you can always see where their music comes from - it doesn't mean that they have no originality. Also you can like the band without talking a load of meaningless twaddle about "the sound of 2006" and all that ****e. They're so clearly better! The best thing about the Arctic Monkeys is that their songs talk to the people who listen to them about their own lives. All Oasis showed was that you can get away with writing vacuous doggerel and still sell millions of records, as long as you've got a knack for catchy, 'anthemic' tunes and a charismatic front man. Then Coldplay came along and showed that you didn't even need the charismatic front man. Better to compare the Arctic Monkeys to bands like the Smiths and Pulp, where the songwriters had a real poetic gift and used it to sing insightfully about what they knew. At the moment, the Arctic Monkeys haven't quite got the sheer personality of those bands, which is why they need breathing space to develop their sound, but they've released a debut which stands up in terms of musical and lyrical sophistication, as well as sheer expressive energy, with almost anybody's. The album is certainly better than Definitely Maybe (invigorating, swaggering rock marred by lame lyrics and rock-guitar-grade-1 guitar playing) and Employment (harmlessly enjoyable indie sing-along). It has a bit of depth to it and I think it's worth getting excited about.
  15. Apparently the X18 service might get taken up by another bus company, but it would probably not run as frequently.
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