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  1. Wednesdays big story in the newspapers is criticism by mps that facebook did not alert the security sevices to terror threats made by one of the killers of fusilier lee Rigby. http://Www.BBC.co.UK/news
  2. Ok thanks guys :-) was also told could be hormones or medication for depression
  3. the chip shop outside town in city centrte oppisite co op does the best fish n chips mmmm scrumpious
  4. i have noticed last few days that my left breast is leaking milky discharge also sore and painful im not pregnant did a test its negative and besides i havent had sex with anyone i have had kids my last child is 5 years old i went to docs this morning but didnt get on time for drop in so wenting for doc to ring me so he can see me today hopefully has anyone been in same situation???????? ---------- Post added 24-11-2014 at 12:47 ---------- been to doctors said it could be many things stress, anxiety etc but to be sure they have done blood test so go to wait for results on thursday.
  5. What does this woman gain from doing what shes doing She must get a kick out of it
  6. Theres a woman in her 30s going round to elderly homes around sunny bank on broomhill shes apparently she lied about her car and said she needed to use phone an elderly let her but this woman stole from them she has been targeting feagile people who is she anyone had same problem need to inform police as the police already know about this and the lanlord I worry for my mum as she lives there
  7. SHOULD YOU HAVE COSMETIC SURGERY TO KEEP A MAN? Women of a certain age should go under the knife in order to keep their man from straying. It's a bold statement and one which sex expert Louise Van Der Velde is standing by. Over the weekend an article written by Louise appeared*online, stating that women only have themselves to blame if their man cheats on them - and they should consider improving their bodies through surgical means.*
  9. Marriage is outdated and should be killed off, a High Court judge claimed this week. Figures from a 2011 census show that married couples are a minority for the first time. But that's only half the story as another census shows that almost all of today's*teenagers expect to get married some day. What do you think???
  10. WOULD YOU FREEZE YOUR EGGS TO FOCUS ON YOUR CAREER? Can a woman have it all? Facebook and Apple are offering female employees the chance to put their dreams of motherhood on ice - by paying for them to freeze their eggs. The incentive is designed to help top female talent stay in*work while not sacrificing their career for motherhood. The two companies are willing to pay £12,500 a time to cover the cost of putting the eggs on ice plus an additional £300-a-year for deep freeze storage. But does this move suggest that women have to postpone having children in order to succeed in the workplace, and should big companies simply be offering more flexible working conditions?*
  11. All wise words I agree with u daisy just don't give them a phone :-)
  12. SEXTING: WHAT ARE YOUR KIDS SENDING? Today, a report reveals the extent to which young people are 'sexting' on their smartphone apps. Out of over 2000 surveyed, 2 in 5 have sent a naked photo of themselves and, more worryingly, 1 in 4 have had that photo shared without their*consent.*
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