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  1. Tracy's Childcare 2 Fairbarn Road Stannington Sheffield S6 5PP Its on the junction you can't miss it and there is parking available
  2. STAY & PLAY GROUP (1pm - 3pm) Starting on: FRIDAY 7TH FEBRUARY 2014 and every Friday after (term-time) JUICE/WATER, BISCUITS, TEA/COFFEE, TOAST TOYS, GAMES, CRAFTS, SENSORY, MESSY PLAY, DRESS UP, SING-A-LONG & MUCH MUCH MORE! MEET OTHER PARENTS WITHIN THE COMMUNITY COME ALONG AND JOIN THE FUN! (Please call ahead to avoid disappointment - 01143276632 book your place today!) £2 Per Child (£1 child after) This is a group for children under four years of age. AN ADDED BONUS OF HELP AND SUPPORT FROM BABY LED WEANING PEER SUPPORT WORKERS / BREAST/BOTTLE FEEDING ADVISORS AND BABY WEARING SPECIALISTS WHO HAVE CHILDREN WITHIN THE GROUP (subject to attendance)
  3. thank you, i searched for groups and this one didn't come up, then again nor did the one at community centre near forge valley lol and thats been going 30+ years
  4. Hello lovely people - how interested in a new stay & play group in Stannington would people be? Venue is sorted and would be 10am-12noon and cost £2 which would secure a drink and snack for adult and child, held on a Tuesday activities would include sing - a - long, crafts, dress up, story time plus safe area for babies. (possible) monthly support from baby wearing piers / breastfeeding support workers? trying to gather numbers see if it would be cost effective? Thanks for reading
  5. its people like this that give genuine people who are out of work due to redundancy a bad name and need a helping hand for only a short while, it makes us all judgmental on the ones that do need assistance shame its come to this
  6. i have a travel cot, one side the clasp is broken but my little one slept in it for 5months fine and i used it as a playpen when i needed to nip to loo or wash pots etc.. your welcome to that?? but if going to be used as full time cot it would need a proper mattress? if someone fetched it they would need to carry it me down the stairs as i'm 32 weeks pregnant myself
  7. i don't have a bath but have a bath seat for newborns welcome to that iv got two but don't drive so would need collecting from stannington
  8. if iv got a bundle of baby blue things you are welcome to collect, may i suggest you find the sex of the baby this will make it cheaper for you than buying white all the time, and for people to help you. I'm pregnant too and use a swap shop on facebook frequently, to give and sell items and iv also swapped some pink for blue recently. If you are able to breast feed you will not need a sterilizer just the tablets and a jug should suffice for a dummy should you choose to use one. This will also save you money on formula (not meant to read like i'm preaching just offering my honest opinion) https://www.facebook.com/groups/237393259609085/ Good Luck
  9. but it was not put up until after several cars where given tickets i watched the man put the sign up myself from outside my house and i watched the wardens, a man and a woman
  10. not the shops on junction off deer park road/ stannington road / liberty hill they were not put up in advance
  11. just to clarify i checked the time i posted on here and i posted on fb first would be between 11 and 1130 the sign was put up outside the shop if the shop gave a receipt i would be able to give exact time the owner of the green shop was watching the workmen and was talking to them ---------- Post added 28-05-2013 at 21:39 ---------- nope, no letter, no posters up anywhere, and i live VERY close to the repair work, no letter and the signs went up on the day of the repairs on the lamp post outside the shop no roadwork signs went up in advance the cameras are supposed to be working, its up high outside shop
  12. i have said this to him, but you know what people are like when they get and idea in there heads.. like talking to a wall, i know iv seen some nice ones by learners (i don't have any myself) but this guy has a few, all nice and neat, but since his divorce has no cash to splash and the name is visible.. personally i don't agree with names for this reason lol
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