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  1. Hi I lived at 57 westbury street until 1950, do you have a photo of the street? I have a photo of the Dday party,but have been trying to get a photo of the street.
  2. the one in Ftzalan square was previously called the News Theatre.
  3. I think school clinic dentists of that time,scared a lot of people from going to the dentists when they got older,very different from the dentists of today.
  4. Standhouse school ,off a box in the playground,still laugh about it even now.
  5. THAT WERE NAUGHTY,wish I'd thought of that to get away from horrible mr Haigh.
  6. you did ,when you were at standhouse ended up covered in grazes.Iremember it well.
  7. Any idea wher they moved to,Iused to be friends with his daughter Anne
  8. Hi ,I remember Langtons shoe factory Westbury st ,used to live at 57 Westbury st,left in 1950, does anyone have a photo of this street?,did anyone on the forum go to this streets d day party?,I have a photo of it.
  9. is anyone having problems using the message forum at sheffield records online (family history site) I can use the rest of the site but not the message forum, haven't had problems in the past,but now it's saying redirection loop,the problems is not with my cookies, Babs
  10. Seem to remember the boutique at the back of the peace gardens was owned by Peter Stringfellow's brother .
  11. I might be wrong but I seem to think she lived on ridgeway rd, remember once going to a dance at Birley school with a friend,and Pat Riley with her friend,that's a long time ago,don't remember if I saw her again after leaving school.
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