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  1. Probably just gossip about the clearing of paths, however the advice on the Gov web site stated this. You can clear snow and ice from pavements yourself. It’s unlikely that you’ll be sued or held responsible if someone is injured on a path or pavement if you’ve cleared it carefully. The word Unlikely springs out at you. If it is a council path then they will probably be responsible for clearing and making safe. I think that the Area Manager warned my daughter not to clear the outside of her pub. Years ago we all cleared the bit in front of your house and also the neighbours if the were unable to do so. Never a thought about being sued.
  2. My daughter runs a Pub and does not clear the paths outside and here is why. Under current legislation, householders and companies open themselves up to legal action if they try to clear a public pavement outside their property. If they leave the path in a treacherous condition, they cannot be sued. Odd world we live in
  3. Just like Fishing, and Darts. Snooker is not recognised as a Sport by the Establishment. So even if nominated will never win.
  4. MP's being forgetful surely not. The Old Boys Club comes to mind. No this defence would not work for you.
  5. Why not start with our Parliament. Parliament’s alcohol bill TRIPLES in two years as MPs and guests guzzle £1.8 million worth of wine, champers and beer. It seems to be do as we say not as we do. The doddery old Lords said if it works in Scotland then the UK may follow suit.
  6. https://www.groupon.co.uk/browse/newcastle?lat=54.97&lng=-1.61&address=Newcastle&query=Mattress&locale=en_GB Have a look on this Groupon Advert.
  7. When we were on Mull a few years back we had a great display it was magic.
  8. Here are two which can annoy. 1. Incessant non-melodic whistling, sends you round the bend (oops another one) 2 Constantly rattling of loose change in a pocket
  9. Quoted by Sam Martin. I would expect our own Government to behave the same as the Spanish Government, if ever Scotland went down the illegal referendum route. Quick get the troops onto Hadrian's Wall , just in case.
  10. Have a Google search for a nearby Fungi Foray. Whatever you pick is inspected by an expert, the one we went on they then cook the edible ones. It gives you a start and we now know a few which are edible and cannot be mixed up with dangerous ones.
  11. Stay true to your club whatever position and league they are in. Sick as a Parrot on Sunday but still a Blue.
  12. Quote. " Dog owners are forced to use dog bags,when the most hygienic and environmentally friendly way is to leave it." Not when you stand in it or transport it to your car or house. If your dog Poo's anywhere pick it up and put it into a bin, we always did. Dog passed away Dec 2016 and we still miss him. Big Newfie called Hagrid hence the User Name.
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