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  1. I don't understand how you can be charged/scammed if they ring you???
  2. I think it's because doors and cupboards don't hit back! Very childish and 2 year old tantrum type.
  3. Chuck snowballs at them and they'll fall off - if/when you hit them.
  4. Simply look out of the window and make your own mind up. I've just looked and might go for a stroll round peaks as i mentioned earlier.
  5. Wouldn't be shopping as such, just a bit of time strolling round and something to eat in the cafe. Bit of socialising really. Pubs are too expensive and I'm not that bothered about a drink, I know soft drinks are available but that's not the point. I'll just stop here and do nowt
  6. I'm off today and was going to go to crystal peaks. Just looked outside and thought sod it, put telly on and relax.
  7. I think some people are just lazy and want others to do it for them.
  8. Does it really matter? I know a lot of people and only know their first names, I'll have to ask them if they have a double barrelled surname and then decide if I still want to talk to them
  9. Correct Emma. Nick sadly passed away last week. I know what happened but it's not for me to say, especially on here. The company are still working and trading at the moment and meetings are to be had. Very sad.
  10. Taxis are exempt as the sign states. Seat belts should/must be worn when no passengers though.
  11. I've just been in the Spar at Frecheville and there is a bit of a queue for the till, no idea whats happened at the front.
  12. Alas You, like me have to move forward with the times. I remember those days with fond memories, but that's all they are now
  13. I'm sure this question has been answered. Just curious as to why the mods haven't intervened and closed the topic, as they have done on various other topics that have been answered
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