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  1. Whats the minimum quota for an incident to be called an attack? I mean...does an act of racial vandalism in Northern Ireland make it into the same statistics as the Nice lorry driver?
  2. Why don't you show us your previous account('s) history?
  3. I wonder if Penn and Teller made the OP vanish:hihi: .
  4. I thought the previous owners solved that little problem?
  5. Would it not be just as easy to say "there must be more to it ",looking at most of Beyonces's titles?
  6. Apparently we will have to stay in the EU or face going to the back of the queue .
  7. Seems like a very cunning way to get a bit of cheap advertising to me. Well done Businessman Chan .
  8. Not at all. As far as I know he has paid all his taxes. ---------- Post added 09-04-2016 at 17:08 ---------- You just need to shake the hands of the right Arab's.
  9. Obviously ,If Cameron had made a loss he wouldn't have any tax to pay or dodge so the issue would be null and void
  10. I bet JC is working overtime right now on new DC gags ThisisMoney
  11. There's no fun to be had when your not a Tory/Labour fanboy. You can still play though if you like .
  12. Are you trying to start a game of MP scandal trumps or something?
  13. Thats not a possibility . Do you always talk down to people in real life? or is it just on the forum? I better run along now,because the big mister told me too eh?
  14. Its says you have good reason to stick up for the Cameron's?
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