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  1. HELLO im trying to find a knitting pattern for a toy Footballer (for new unborn grandson) iv googled it & found many images of lovely ones but cant locate a pattern for them (other than Jean greenhowe 1 but unfortunately i dont like that 1) just wondered if anyone has any advice on were to find one please thank you for reading
  2. Can anyone help me with a webcam problem, so im having/trying to use a old webcam(as my phone camera not working) so iv borrowed this webcam with USB , which iv connected to my PC , i can find the icon on screen , so when i click onit it opens a screen Vimicro USB 2.0 PC Camera (Venus) - Shortcut i know im probably being reaLLY STUPID but now what , what i mean is how & where can i find the cameras image am i amking sense at all
  3. first of all thank you & sorry for not replying to you all, so let me explain the phone shows the screen lock ( wants 4 digit pin) so we enter it but it will not accept that at all , i rang apple technical support & they tried to talk me through doing what ghozer advised via my desk top itunes, 1st problem was updating pc itunes (thats sucessfull) so then appently the phone software needing updating so we downloaded that, apple said once that download was complete we d beable to do what ghozer says & log in ?out of itunes via my pc, all in all x3 phone calls almost 3 hours with them , they ended the call i waited 45 mins for the download & guess what still same screen locked NIGHTMARE this all started as he went to settings & pressed factory reset ( it never prompted him to log out of his icloud) , what i do know thoughis his new fone iphone x (isit?? latest 1) anyway he can see on that phone that hes still logged into icloud on that iphone 5s , so could he log out from that fone & would that then open the fone ?? sorry headache i know
  4. wonder if anyone can help iv just been gifted a iphone 5s by my son who just upgraded, so basically saturday hes "reset factory settings " but forgot to log out of his icloud 1st, so know the whole handset is locked , i understand that this is for security reasons but its very frustrating as we know the icloud password also the screen pin lock number but it wont allow us to enter any of these things , the phone was working fine before he rest it saturday & it seems a shame just to throw it away when iv looked online it says that with the receipt we can go to apple to rectify it (but it was bought second hand) (its not on contract) does anyone know is there anything i can do or anywere i can take it to get back into the phone thank for reading
  5. can anyone suggest somewhere for funeral flowers please in the s5 area thank you
  6. thank you for your advice i will try that again THANKS
  7. SORRY Think iv put this in the wrong place if so again apologies Hi there (hope this isnt a stupid thing to ask, but im not at all technical) Ok so i have a old desktop pc running on i believe windows 7, anyway im looking to replace it with a refurbished laptop, anyway over the years iv uploaded /downloads photos etc to my pc, however they appear to hidden everywhere, even though iv tried saving them with titles, so my question is i obviously need to do some kind of learning about this i just want to have all pics in 1 place etc etc, does anyone have any advice on a website/ course i could use to help me learn this stuff Again hope it not a silly question, appreciate anyones help thank you
  8. Hi there iv been awaiting today for a payment to go into my "nationwide account" however its not shown up , (it was defiantly snt) but when iv just called the bank theres a message that states theres a "nationwide problem) does anyone know if its then possible that my payment is there but just not processed/showing im just worried about were my money is? hope this makes sense appreciate anyones help thanks
  9. Im going to take my grandchildren to the "power max" show on feb 10th at the arena , just wondered if anyone knows how/where i can get any discount codes(promtional codes ) to help with the cost , as its quite expensive , when i googled it"ticketmaster" came up but im very unsure if thats a safe option, anyone have any ideas please
  10. Hi there thank you for taking time to help us 1stly she using "Mozilla" & windows 7?? let me check that
  11. Hi people wonder if anyone can help me with something , so my friend has set up an ebay account tonight to try raise extra cash for christmas,so from google, she searches ebay & clicks & there is the green padlock, she then logs on , page turns & suddenly no green padlock but a "amber 1 with a warning excklamtion ", so iv clicked there & its saying "not a secure site bank & passwords may be visable " Is she safe , wev spoke to ebat tonight & they asked for a screen shot (this bit is unbelievable) so screen she needs copy of has the amber lock, we then take the copy & its green Any advice please, she can not affiord to be duped, xmas kids etc:(
  12. there like 1970s/80s there very large
  13. I have some old sheffield maps , can anyone advise me on what or where i can sell them please ,dont want them to go to waste thank you
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