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  1. Im after a new lens as im off on me hols in a few weeks..Can anyone recommend any local camera shops that are priced decently? I still prefer buying over the counter than over the interwebnet when it comes to glass items cheers
  2. The noise isnt that bad...Its quite loud on friday and saturday nights..which isnt surprising...I think its a great place to live.. Cleaners are good and friendly..Stuff gets repaired pretty quickly..Security is ok..Ive never had any troubles..There was a problem a while back with strangers getting in and hanging about but i think thats been solved by security.
  3. Ive yet to reach the 'better off alone' level...Right now ive just accepted that nobody will take me
  4. Its pretty hard....so much is geared toward groups of students...its hard to find anywhere to meet other singles. Ive given up
  5. Anyone know of anyone in shef that does beading/pearling?
  6. Anyone a member of this gym in the city centre? What do ya reckon of it?
  7. Cheers mate.. Im actually looking to get a half sleeve done..incorporating some traditional japanese stuff..a modern approach to that sounds interesting..i might have to pop into eternal..
  8. The problem is that all the websites and stuff are filled with tacky photos of bad flash on the lower back of chavs.. Ive been wanting to get my first tattoo for a while but unless i want a tribal or a celtic knot then i seem to be screwed Do you know of any local shops that have online portfolios? Ive looked at the eternal site but i guess its under construction or summit.
  9. Do any of the tattoo places in sheffield have good custom artists? Everything I see seems to be flash :/ I dunno whether thats cos its all they can do or its all that people want these days..
  10. Well their website allowed me to do it...whereas the dominos site told me i was out of range when i put my postcode in.... It was delivered and the dude didnt seem to have any problems.. PS, as an ex pizza delivery bod, whats the tipping situation here? ive been abroad for a while so i dunno if its normal to tip pizza delivery in shef
  11. Yep...Im near the tescos on weststreet...the confirmation email says its the crookes pizza hut. Of course now ive said this ill probably get a phone call tellin me they dont actually deliver here
  12. I actually just checked and pizza hut do deliver Order is on the way....Im gonna be a fatty forever
  13. Theres not much traffic in the evening say after 7.....Everyones gone home... The only pizzas i can get here are from kebab shops :/
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