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  1. I used ATB in Darnall http://www.atbtraining.co.uk/ and would recommend them, I have friend that have used them as well. Price wise anything form £600-900 depending on how good you are, how many lessons you need to get to test standard and if you pass first time.
  2. When my bike got stolen from City Road it was recovered in Middlesbrough by Cleveland Police who happened to do a raid on house, searched the garage and found my bike sitting there. I assume it got up there in the back of a van, given the amount of ANPR cameras on the motorways and got sold on up there within the criminal fraternity. I'm not saying it was nicked to order but if it’s a good bike it's likely to be sold on rather than burnt out on some woods in Sheffield
  3. Number 3 would not apply unless the victim has some form of disability???
  4. I second that, I did my training there and they're great, I have freinds and family that have also trained with them as well
  5. Barry at TT Tyres (next to Hawleys) on Holme Lane, Hillsborough, done mine a couple of times including putting right a mess that SMC created.
  6. Barry at TT Tyres (within Hawleys) off Holme Lane at Malin Bridge http://www.hawleystyres.co.uk/tttyres.html Took my bike there this week for a combined MOT and service with oil/filter change, check and greese moving parts and refill fluids. £110 for Honda VFR All good and the bike passed
  7. I'll vouch for Phil, I've used him for years and I once bought a new fob off ebay for about a (£10) and he reprogrammed it for me
  8. Our lass is having a trauma, she has a hair appointment at Hairband on Eccy Road tomorrow, she phoned up today to find out her hairdresser has left and they won’t tell her where she’s moved onto to.
  9. Evening all, looking for advice and recomendations about getting a back gate supplied and fitted possibly including new posts. it'd need to be as wide as a normal gennel to a typical sheffield terreace house from 1890 and about six foot high. not sure what to expect in terms of cost for supplies and fitting?
  10. To all the cries regarding "its the law, they have to be visible" I believe the law was changed sometime in the last 18 months or so. The power was devolved to local authorities and road safety partnerships more felxability to decide if they want their cameras to be visible - yellow boxes or covert such as green/gray boxes or vans. I think NE Derbyshire opted for the latter whilst Sheffield has remained visible
  11. It should not be about "the cheapest" it should be about the best training you can get for your money. I recommend ATB in Darnall http://www.atbtraining.co.uk/
  12. The Milestone at Kelham Island is the best food I have eaten in Sheffeild appart from my own and my late gran's home cooking http://www.the-milestone.co.uk/
  13. I will happily recommend them, competent, friendly, understanding and work hard to build your confidence. They take pride in producing safe riders and not just a rider who passes his/her test. Everyone I know who's been to ATB has nothing but praise for them.
  14. Wasn't that thread deleted because there was nothing to suggest anyone did get stabbed?
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