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  1. Thanks Slater - I think it might be the chimney flanuching and pointing so have got a couple of quotes now. Libzloo - I think roughly it's about £30 a square metre
  2. Thanks WallBuilder - we do need the house re-pointing soon. We are getting new windows fitted so going to wait until after that. I guess the water could be coming in through the pointing
  3. Hi can anyone recommend a good contact for re-pointing a red brick terrace. Thanks!
  4. sorry to hear that claireod I hope it gets sorted soon! Strix, eco tiles for the wall, basically the floor is fine, the bath and shower are fine but we need a new sink and re-tiling. it is a teeny bathroom so I was looking at the sinks that sit on top of cupboards and thought maybe there exists fsc or reclaimed wooden units?!
  5. Good advice thanks - I hadn't thought about the joints or lead lining ---------- Post added 30-03-2013 at 11:27 ---------- I am not sure we will be able to reach the chimney as the ladder we have isn't long enough and I think it is slightly too high! I was wondering who you might ask to check a chimney as I'd like to know if the capping is ok as well
  6. We cleaned them out in the summer but I guess this winter has been fairly vile! We'll get back up to look at them again! I can't see much veg in them from the attic though only a teeny weed but we'll clean it out
  7. We have a small terrace and bought it two years ago. It is lovely but when we moved in there was a tiny bit of bubbling paint near the radiator in the kitchen (joining wall). Timberwise came and put in a damp proof course and all that has resulted it is that now the damp patch has moved to near the kitchen door! I don't want to use them again as they charge you to even come and look at it and say that it is probably not covered in our guarantee! In our chimney breast in the kitchen there is now what I think is rising damp and there are a few little bits of paint starting to bubble in the outside kitchen wall as well as a bit of bubbling paint in the bedroom chimney breast. It isn't a problem as they are small patches but what do people recommend? I have some damp paint that you can paint over patches like that have people used that before? I have also seen the Holland Damp proof System what do people think? Thanks!
  8. Hi, I am thinking about getting our bathroom refitted but am conscious of trying to be as eco-friendly as possible - does anyone know of and recommend any trustworthy bathroom designers and fitters and even any that specialise in eco friendly materials? Thanks!
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