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  1. Note: Re-read my last post, I ended with..Follow this simple instruction and everyone's lives will be much simpler whilst on the roads.
  2. Haters are always going to hate, no matter what. As for our Jess...What can I say that hasn't already been said ? She deserves all the rewards coming her way. Let her be a shining light to anyone that may discriminate. Learn from her example.
  3. Coming from an avid petrol head and cyclist. All that people need to do is, follow the code for your vehicle, its quite simple and straight forward, infact you could say its so simple even kids can be taught it. Follow this simple instruction and everyone's lives will be much simpler whilst on the roads.
  4. So Whites scrap ? yard went up and spread to the reclaim plastics yard. Failure to access the fire early and the hot weather seem to be major factors for the eventual intensity. Just hope nobody is injured and no long lasting environmental pollution from the aftermath.
  5. Looks like it could be Worthing Road.
  6. Cause the police control it ? Just putting this out there...
  7. This thread has been informative, insightful and a little fractious. If anyone has learnt anything from it. Anything at all, it was a worthwhile OP.
  8. Not exactly, but we can agree to disagree, here. I'am very pleased it was mentioned on here before. I stand corrected. Sheffield should, rightly, be proud. Having a large, active membership, does not always guarantee a quality forum. Though we must temper that with the evidence at hand in this particular case.
  9. It was indeed under-advertised. Any reason to party, especially in the sun, with friendly, happy people. ---------- Post added 06-07-2013 at 19:44 ---------- Hehehe you need some refreshments.
  10. post 955.... I think you may have misread.
  11. http://sheffieldpride.co.uk/ No surprises that nothing has been mentioned on Sheffield Forum. Glad the girls n boys of Sheffield had a good day for their annual outing. Some, shall we say, very interesting, costumes on view. Hope everyone involved had a fantastic time. A big THANK YOU to the organisers.
  12. Lost amongst the mundane and frivolous. A gem of an article. Thankyou Chem1st.
  13. Just got back. The young men and women of Sheffield doing us all proud. Opening peoples minds and trying to educate on the injustices of homophobia. Proud of them. Go and support them if you can.
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