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  1. Are there any boot sales on tomorrow? Is this thread no longer maintained? I used to always come here to find information but it doesnt seem to be updated any more.
  2. I have a unit in the Sheffield antiques Emporium, is that under threat of fire?
  3. There isn't any exemption from paying for having a blue badge unfortunately, so after the free 90 mins you would have had to pay
  4. This has changed now, the car park is free for the first 90 minutes, then you have to pay after that. If you park after 4.30 it is completely free as it is free after 6pm, so with the free 90 mins you don't have to pay.
  5. Actually it was a member of the public who phoned in to report that a car had been blocking their street for a few days
  6. This has now been found abandoned, and not much damaged It is currently having the locks replaced and then we will be able to have it back. Thanks everyone who looked.
  7. Yes, Hillsborough is on, it is a good one today, just got back
  8. My partners car has been stolen within the last half hour or so, it was taken from the disabled parking space outside his house in Heeley and is his lifeline. If you see this car please ring the police and report it as soon as possible. ---------- Post added 05-07-2016 at 10:16 ---------- There is still no sign of this car I have heard that stolen cars are sometimes parked in residential streets for a couple of days to see if anyone is tracking them. If you see a blue golf estate parked on your street that doesn't usually park there, even if it is a different number plate (they will probably have put a false plate on) please tell the police. It has a sunroof, folding mirrors and a small dent in the middle of the back bumper. Thanks!!
  9. Very annoyed to get out to Hope, after checking the car boot line and being reassured that the boot sale was still on, to find the gate locked and no one there. Why have a phone line if they are putting incorrect information on it
  10. Socialisation is simply not a problem in home education, as there are so many groups meeting all the time in Sheffield, there is literally something on every day if you wished to go to them all. Many people have taken their child out of school and home educated them with very good results. My own two children are now young adults and have never been to school, one has a phd and the other is currently studying at Queens college, Cambridge. If you have a look at http://syhec.co.uk/ you will see some of the regular events. Please ask if you have any more questions.
  11. Have you tried Travelodge? I have often stayed with them and find their disabled rooms and access quite good, but I am not in a wheelchair so not sure if they are ok for wheelchair users.
  12. I had to drop off my daughter at the Sheffield interchange the other day. I googled to see where I could park and found :- http://www.disabledgo.com/access-guide/sheffield-city-council/sheffield-interchange On street marked Blue Badge bays are not available. Clearly signed and / or standard marked parking bays are not available. There is not a designated drop off point. The main Sheffield bus station doesn't have any disabled parking (or indeed any parking), nor a drop off point!!! ---------- Post added 13-01-2016 at 19:35 ---------- As an add on to my last post, I asked the council and South Yorkshire Transport both why there was no disabled parking at the bus station. They both blamed the other one, and the council also added that no one had ever asked about disabled parking at the bus station before, and therefore it was low on their list of priorities as they had limited funds. I find this very hard to believe, surely disabled people use buses as much as anyone else, and also they have people to pick up from buses as much as anyone else. It might be useful therefore if they received more queries about disabled parking there
  13. Where have the details gone for all the other car boot sales, such as Bakewell, Hope, High Green etc?
  14. My daughter is home from Uni for the holidays and would like to practice her Spanish, especially her grammar. She is a native English speaker. Would anyone be interested in doing a Spanish/English language exchange with her, or I am willing to pay for Spanish tuition to A level standard?
  15. An ambulance was involved, I just came past and saw one with it's front all bashed in. There was a fire engine there too, and lots of police cars. The road is completely blocked so avoid that route for now.
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