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  1. I have an audio tape of a gig by Mark Mywords at the Rotherham Civic Theatre in the 80s, which was recorded through the mixing desk. He was on the same bill as us (The Popups - formally Tension) where he did his poems and routines about a spray that makes yer farts smell nice, the musical based on an unemployed youth called, "That's Unemployment" and various other things.
  2. If anyone's interested in what we are up to musically after nearly 30 years please have a look at http://www.snowdune.co.uk/
  3. John Bingly died about 4 years ago, was only about 58. I don't do repairs any more John. I run web sites about white goods and washing machines instead http://www.washerhelp.co.uk/ | http://www.whitegoodshelp.co.uk/wordpress/ Andy
  4. Yes John, We were Bingley & Trigg. I was the young cocky lad at the bench next to Dave Bird. I left in 1978 not long before it all went tits up at Wiggies.
  5. Yours does John. I'm Andy Trigg, from the 3rd floor. My workbench was nearest to the stores. I remember all the outside reps who used to come in a morning to get spares and pick our brains at times ;-) I was at Walker street from 1976 - 1978. Best days of my life.
  6. Nice one. Have you got a link? Does your dad still play drums?
  7. Sorry Markey, I only just found your question as I didn't receive notification of your post. Yes our singer was called Martin.
  8. Thanks for your interest, my email address is at the bottom of the Sheffield bands page if you have any examples of your singing and/or any writing to send.
  9. We need accomplished musicians to join our project. Interested in something challenging and different? Please see my web site for full details http://www.sheffieldbands.co.uk
  10. As a result of my post I've been contacted by Steve, the lead singer from The Uncool Danceband. Viva the Internet :-)
  11. Great days for music in Sheffield. The original drummer from ABC who played on Tears Are Not Enough (Dave Robinson) became our drummer (in Tension) after he left them. The original bass Player (Mark Lickley) inspired me to take up slapping on my bass and showed me how do the funk bit which he used on Poison Arrow.
  12. I remember those days with great affection. I remember my favourite band in the early to mid 80s were The Uncool Dance band. They played Sheffield a lot but not sure they were actually from Sheffield. I remember their songs were really catchy and if memory serves me right one was called I wish she was my girl? I used to love watching their bass player who was a bit mad and always sang along to much of the songs to a mike stand - with no mic. Fantastic. I'd love to hear some of their songs again but I can't find anything about them. I played bass in a band called Tension (who later changed their name to the Popups) and we played catchy popy 80s stuff. We didn't really gig enough to get well known but we played the Hallamshire and all the other regular pub gigs. We recorded live sessions and interviews for Radio Sheffield and Radio Hallam too. Radio Hallam even paid us :-) We were quite popular with many of the Hallam DJs such as Brian Westlake, Dave Kilner (who came to see us a few times) and even Beverly Chub. They played our songs for months and often said really nice encouraging things about us. One of our songs often played was, Not another Love Song. We played in the Battle of the Bands competition (as the Popups) at the Fiesta run by the star and won our leg, but lost out in the final to Sharp Cuts. In our leg my Bass amp packed in during the second song and I completed the gig playing sharing the guitarists amp. Anyone else remember this era?
  13. I dunno I thought the point was to give buses priority and not hold them up in traffic... We are saying the same thing here, just phrased differently.
  14. But that's the entire point of bus lanes isn't it? They are there purely to make motorists see how the busses get a clear run through and motorists get stuck in jams. They are supposed to make them think maybe they should abanden their car and get the bus. I personally think they are a stupid idea, and do not work. There's no way they'll ever work - but that's the point of them - to frustrate drivers.
  15. There is still a right turn, it used to go to the flower estate. and people occasionally use it. If you are coming down Jenkin Road, you don't know if the person indicating right is going to turn right and therefore cross your path or whether they are going straight on and you can ignore them. The trouble is that indicating right when you are actually going straight on is crazy. People don't know what to do. The fact that some (like me) don't indicate anything, others put hazzards on, and others indicate right proves that there is something drastically wrong.
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