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  1. A old lady of 96 would love it but no way of picking it up :-
  2. Thank you for advise so far its a big help. Its my consultation tomorrow and up to now i am feeling a little scared but not put off. I have been through years of been teased about my nose and even at my age (46 ) I still get bullied about it :-( I am not wanting to look like a model I just want to feel normal and like a women.
  3. Who did your rhinoplasty at Claremont ? I am having my consultation this week with Mr David lam for a nose reduction.
  4. Ok thanks sorry its my first time with this site not sure how it works yet.
  5. i am thinking of getting a package deal for my internet,telephone and TV but not sure who to go with
  6. I am thinking of having nose job ( Rhinoplasty ) at Claremont hospital in sheffield. Is there any advise you can give me ? ---------- Post added 25-03-2013 at 13:03 ---------- Sorry its my first time with this site and was not sure how it works :-( the poll was a mistake lol
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