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  1. hi I have had a snake left on my doorstep people in my area know I keep reptiles and have taken it upon themselves to leave this snake for me to find this morning I have been trying to find somebody to take it as it doesn't look well and I have no room for it would you please take the poor thing it has a lump on its tail and is a corn snake that's all I know please message me back as I don't know what to do if you cant help do you know anybody that can
  2. parson cross park has allotments available for rent for as little as £12 a year all you have to do is apply to CULTURE AND ENVIROMENT O1142 2734528 i rent 1 myself there are only 30 plots full there are over 70 plots left
  3. i have googled it many times and have seen all the same stuff you will have seen i was just wondering if anyone else has it as i havnt untill now found anybody else with the same condition it is a horrid thing to live with my sight has got alot worse over the three years iv had it due to bad bleeds iv had and the scars they have left behind the only treatment they have offerd me in 3 years is a course of eye drops whitch have not worked at all when i have asked for any other treatment they have said there isnt any as yet so i mentioned the treatments that iv seen online and they just passed it off iv got another appointment coming up and im not going to let them fob me off again thats why i wanted to know what treatment others have been offerd if any thankyou very much for your comments and replys to my add its not so scary when you find others that are going through the same as you xx
  4. :confused:Hi i was just wondering if anybody in the uk has PIC punctate inner choroidopathy it effects the eyes its just iv had it for 3 years and have not met anybody else that has this condition even doctors dont seem to know much about it and have failed to treat me or make any improvement to my eyesite and im worried that there not going to be able to do anything for me it just seems as though they havnt got a clue what to do so im wondering if anyone else has had the same problem as im having so please speak up and let me know if this has effected you or anyone you know i know its a rare condition but im sure sombody else must have this in the uk
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