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  1. Thanks for the positive message, as yet I'm about 5-6 weeks out of prison, still waiting for benefits to be fully sorted - and just imagine the number of possible repeat offenders who have no option but... But Laura, I'm a f* ing tough person, thank you for your message and thank you for taking the time to read and care. With thanks. J
  2. Thanks Paddy and Ghostrider - apologies to cybersheff but this is really the truth. Going into my Mental Health notes Paddy - in 1996 when I was in court before I was given a 12 month out-patient referal by the court - that was in September 96 - December 96 the doctor had died unexpectedly and I was not given any more appointments, should have been refered to adult mental health services but was never put on their lists. So at this time I am looking at suing the council + NHS + Social Services for failing to provide suitable care. I am liasing + looking at a solicitor to sue HMP Doncaster for their failings of a medical service, refusing to acknowledge PSO 9020 and PSI 2007/09 (Release of data held by the prison and also Smoking Regulations - was put in with 2 different smokers in about a week when I am a non-smoker with asthma). http://www.leighday.co.uk/News/2012/June-2012/Leigh-Day-issues-legal-proceedings-on-behalf-of-no As I say, apologies for the disruption about 6 months back, if anyone knows of a decent solicitor firm for the above disputes then I would appreciate it, and thanks all and take care. *Says 'William Wallace' "Freedom!"*
  3. This is about 5+ months late but - this is as best a first-hand account as you can get. On this date at about "1:55" by statements 3 council members came to my door - knocked/looked through the letterbox/called through the letter box for severeal minuites then went away - a minuite or two later they came back. This is in the police statements. I had told Sheffield homes/council to leave me alone as I have Aspergers (a form of autism) plus depression and they had failed me with the care they prommised to give - and they kept hounding me - I felt harassed and intimidated. (My mental health needs are varied and was coping as best as I could) I went to the door after dressing - not realising I had picked up and air-pistol I own (no gas/pellets) - and told them to F* off - you failed me and did nothing for me. Went back into the flat - looked to my left hand and was shocked to see the air-pistol. 2 hours later I heard "Police come out!" at my door and I came out as meek as a little lamb. I'm not a violent person - I was given a cat D (Open Prison) status and am a great guy, but I hate being pushed into a corner like on that day. I apologise for the traffic problems and to ALL the residents on Batemoor estate. Thank you all. From the "Permitted Prison Escapee"
  4. For an all day breakfast it must be Sallys Meal Deal at meadowhead (opposite side of The Norton and Spar). Small at £3.50 and large at £4.75 - Tea/Coffee is included! Not had any of their dinner menu yet, but have had a darn good many breakfasts there, excelent staff, good place and I will recomend them to anyone. Should I get a menu uploaded I will link it on... Now - have you tried them? Do you have a favorite? What's your fancy?
  5. Lol, you may have heard of the film/documentary 'supersize me', well I'm not that big to need a marque at a tee shirt but...
  6. As the message says I'm looking to buy swimwear both male and female that would fit a petite size 6 lady, and also size whale for a male. Lol. My friends eldest daughter wants to go swimming, and I've been volunteered for the job - I suppose if need be - I'd do for floatation should she get into trouble - fat floats right? Lol. Seriously if you could help me with this then I would appreciate it. Thanks all.
  7. Surprisingly no - called in in to Hardys in the past and had a good chat - purchased £15 at the most worth of .22 Air-rifle pellets - and no problems. EDIT: Can't remember much price difference between Browns and Hardys due to the amount of time I last visited them - but for CO2 cartridges I go elsewhere which is MUCH cheaper.
  8. Personaly I will say this - bees are NOT like wasps - they will not attack unless provoked - and worker dies with the sting (wasps are evil and sting again and again...) - if you are truly thinking it's bad then consider the swarm moved if possible. I can't ofer advice of moving them but they should be semi-harmless. The morality question is - with the past bee numbers declining - will you help them die off completly? I'm sorry to be blunt but - I hope you make the right decision.
  9. I'm sure it's over 21 myself but can't find a link. But anyways good luck and drive safe.
  10. Aditional to what has been posted by others - usually a good/computer based ECU reader can read the memory (old reported errors/codes) and show them.
  11. I myself have a book(s) or other I am trying to write - the middle and bits I know myself how to put them in and how they fit in - the begining - how to introduce and more importantly present it in the first page or two. Maybe through the first chapter - that's the hard one. To make readers read and then be able to slowly interface with those in the book. Hope this helps.
  12. Thanks for looking, I've just been told her name, now to try and track her down and see if she would be willing to help. Thanks all.
  13. OK, I'm thinking of writing either a book/books/screenplay and have decided that I need the advice of an expert. At GCSE level (and pay attention to those coming up to) I hated her as she was SO demanding - and suffered as I did not put the work or effort in either to the school essays or GCSE. Now I humbly ask for her advice should she be willing. I can't remember her name but she used to teach west wing (houses side) in the middle stair case on the right? This was 94-96 Any help I would apreciate it. Thanks all.
  14. Also should you be pulled by ANPR - they will radio check the VIN (veichle Identification Number) to confirm that it's legaly that plate on that car. Bit of a time waster but should it catch crooks - it should be worth it. This 'should' be the only check they do. Hope this helps
  15. I've had depression for most of my life, as my life has been full of bad events. I know the signs, as I have said I onion things, layer after layer, and I usually do OK. I use the tablets short term as usualy it is only a few months I need them for - last time would have been 8 months since I asked for them. Saves wastage and NHS funds. I phoned NHS direct as it was not at a 999 situation, samaritans for me won't work as I don't speak about my problems - hence most forms of support doesn't help me - and was helped by tablets in the morning. Yay. Will arange a docs apointment and see what we can sort out. Thanks again all - it was good people help one another still, thick or thin, friends or strangers.
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