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  1. A festival themed around Tramlines? How so exactly? Lol I believe it is just the name of the festival, and named so because we have trams maybe running through this great city (well on most days anyway lol)
  2. WOW! Really? Clearly an avid Tramlines goer! 4,000,000 people ... ? The average each year is between 100-150,000 is the average peak attendance over the full three days, to any Tramlines since it was started. Range Rovers? ... The average of attendees will be the younger generation (who won’t be able to afford to purchase let alone fuel a Range Rover) and will more then lightly be wise enough to understand they will be drinking for a long period of time and therefore would be breaking the law if they were to drive away, drunk and merry in their “Range Rovers” Your response is comical at best, not to mention dam right flipping ridiculous Roll on Tramlines
  3. Too true!!! Well done for saying so ---------- Post added 15-07-2018 at 18:12 ---------- Here’s an idea ... instead of moaning about it, why not embrace it And before you start, I live in Hillsborough, and use the park trice a day if not more to walk our dog. I’m excited for the festival and just wish everyone could stop being so flipping negative about it all Roll on Tramlines
  4. Anyone living on Middlewood Road, walking round like a zombie due to these works that seem to be on-going still! I don't understand why its taking them so long to replace the tracks in such a tiny area ( directly outside the apartments on Middlewood Road, just up from the Tram terminus) and why oh why, they insist on using the Grinders, Heavy Machinery only after 5pm and throughout the early hours of the morning? Surely it makes more sense to do this type of work throughout the daytime when the majority of the residents are at work, and they have the daylight? I'm sorry to moan but its really infuriating me now .....
  5. We have plans but nothing 100% yet What we’d love to know is what the locals would love to have it turned into ....
  6. Thanks guys but it’s all sorted now Sold sign should be going up shortly
  7. Old brick unit/building at the start of Hillsborough Park, opposite the school is available I’ve noticed. Does anyone have the details of who this unit is up for Sale/Rent with please? Thanks
  8. Hi Jeanne I would say Reflex over Popworld Highly recommend Kuckoo too
  9. Hey Does anyone take their dogs to the grooming part in Pets at Home in Kilner Way please? If so, would you recommend? Thank you
  10. Hi Needing recommendations for a professional carpet cleaner One that will remove dog pee .... Thanks Sandie
  11. Apparently behind schedule but aiming for 6-7 weeks according to a subby working on site
  12. Hi Urgently needing recommendations for window cleaners in S6 please? Also do any window cleNers do internal too? many thanks
  13. We've been twice now Once for brunch which I have to say was very good, although service was quite slow and the. In again a few weeks later for dinner, and unfortunately dissapointing. As already pointed out they have a very poor lunch menu, so being forced into it I had pizza which was uncooked in the middle when it eventually came out, however he had a burger and that was pretty good. But doubt we'll be goin again when there are so many better places to eat in the city Sand
  14. Hey Does anyone know the legality of being able to advertise a business with a banner on street furniture, such as railings etc? Thanks in advance Sandie
  15. Hi Tracy Welcome to Sheffield from a fellow Mexborough resident! I'm in a very similar predicament so would love to arrange a meet up if your still looking, let me know Sandie xx
  16. Hi Happy to recommend Work with Gas ... main guy is called Gerry 07946 515897 He sorted my mums out and did a great job, very friendly too and not a rob dog Hope this helps Sand x
  17. Hey So I've just sampled a class with A Pole New Adventure on Carver Street and I must admit I loved the whole swinging around on a pole and realised just how toned and fit you actually have to be and could get from this. But I felt the class didn't really give me anything as the teacher was more involved in helping out her more advanced students, in fact she didn't even welcome me to the class! Can anyone recommended another pole fitness class within Sheffield, closer to S6 the better, where the class is actually a class and a teacher that actually wants to teach please? Thanks a lot guys Sandie xx
  18. Isn't there anything happening in the city centre? Surely there will be?
  19. Good Morning Forumers Can anyone recommend an steam oven cleaner in Sheffield please? Used one ages ago but they are over in Doncaster and won't travel out to me now! Any recommendations truly appreciated Thanks xx
  20. Hi everyone My mother has just moved into Hillsborough to be closer to us. All though this is fantastic to have my mum around, , I also want her to meet friends of her own age and have activities to do on her own. Would anyone be kind enough to recommend any groups?Meetings? Etc She's really into rambling and doesn't mind the odd dance or two? Sand x
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