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  1. I have two things. 1. The English press and government quickly point out that we in europe have a shortage of drivers, it comes over to me that it is some kind of competition. In europe they knew 25 years ago that there were going to be shortages and they would be getting worse if nothing was done. With the open borders the big producers tended to close small factories and build one big one for the whole european market, it was cheaper to truck the produce everywhere. On top of this the shift of production to China and to a smaller degree eastern europe, our roads in western europe were clogging up. The EU set up the Trans European Transport Network. Solution of part of the problem would be shiffing long haul freight unto the railways and rivers. One example of many, The Betuwelijn in The Netherland. the track is freight only from the Port of Rotterdam direct to the Ruhr in Germany. All major rail projects take many years and loads of money, this one was started in the mid nineties and was completed in 2007. In 2017 it had transported 1.5 milion containers that year and was operating at a capacity of 50 procent. The same was build in Belgium called the Iron Rhine. 2. When Poland joined the EU most large transport companies in Western Europe set up a company in Poland and run there trucks with Polish drivers from there, it was a big cost saver. Another big segmont is the self employed truck drivers who operate their own truck. When you drive on the moterway half of the trucks drive with east european plates, so there must be a huge number of trucks from there. You don't see any polish drivers on Belgium or dutch plated trucks. That defeats the object, you would have to pay them the same wages as the dutch drivers and they are much higher. It works because the cost of living in Poland is a lot lower, so therefore they make a good living.
  2. I agree that it is not completely clear but you are kidding yourself if you dont see there is some serious damage being done.
  3. The pandemic did stop our freedom of movement but I don't think it has any effect on the EU,s Shelf life. And you are correct in saying that by the time it is 2030 that changes will have taken place in the EU. There have always been changes since the beginning. Talking in hindsight whether you would have left or not is a waste of time. The one good news for brexiteers is that according to the figures of your ONS 1.2 million and the figure could be as high as 2 to 2.5, million EU. citicens returned home and did not return. Now that is exactly what a lot of brexiteers voted for, so that must be a plus. Now what confuses me a little is that you have a booming economy with a record number of vancancies, while you have lost a big part of your active workforce. Our economy is getting back to 2019 levels but we are not there yet. There are stil parts of our economy that are sufferring. I am a bit disappointed in your post. I thought we were getting somewhere. You told me in your posting with me that the reason you wanted to leave the EU was because it was becoming to political. Now I can,t argue with that, There is a lot of politics involved.
  4. Your post is just a load of wishfull thinking, I should really say a load of rubbish. I suggest you look on the EU website and try and understand what the EU is all about. If you get your information from the english press or even the BBC you are being misinformed. What happens in the general elections of Germany and France is an internal affair of each country, they are both independant nations.. What I can tell you is that if the French population had a President of the caliber of Boris Johnson he would have been laid to rest a long time ago. One of the french speciallities is that since the french revolution they don't take any crap from the ruling classes. What I hope to see is how wel or badly brexit is going. And not by story telling, but facts. For example I read an article today on the import and export figures of the EU to the UK for the first six months, figures available on the EU websites. Import from the UK down by 17 procent and Exports up by six procent. And now you can draw your own conclusion if it is good or bad. And there are many more statistics that come out that you can compare and then make your mind up wheather it is good or bad. It is better to form an opinion on this basis than the neverending pointing of fingers and one liners which you might have heard on your train journey or watching Mr Brexit on GB News. And as I got up this morning the EU seems to be still stable and we should be able to get to the end of the week without any problems and then we will look what next week brings.
  5. Yes it is a very nice gesture of the Norwegian people. Why would I want to send you any chocolates, what was your personnal price you paid in the war. Or is it your way to getting some free goodies to go with your nearly out of date sausages. I agree that we should still show our repect to the allied soldiers. My little contribution has been from 1992 to 2005 to recover 164 Britisch and commonwealth soldiers , French soldiers and German soldiers from the Boezinge battlefield. Which is north of the town of Ieper. The area has now become the industrial estate but before the building started we spent over a period of 13 years recovering these men for a decent burial. Al this was done with volunteers and government help. Every day I drive down to my village and pas Mendingham Military Cemetary where more 2000 British soldiers lie. When I drove down a little while ago i thought what they would think of a person like you. And then last but certainly not least we pay our resect at Le Paradis. This place really brought home some terrible truths about the war. It is a five minute drive into France a small farm where the massacre occurred on the 28th of may. The dunkerque retreat. I think it was 72 soldiers of the Norfolk regiment surrenderred and ech single one of them was murderred. The regiment responsable was the SS Totenkoph . You are going to think now what has the war to do with all of this. Actually everything. In 1944 the Benelux was formed and is active today. Belgium, The freed part of the Netherlands and luxemburg formed a common market. It is very succesfull, with a total population of 29 million it has a GDP¨of 75% of the UK. Then after the war Winston Churchull came to Den Haag and came up with the brilliant idea that instead of kicking the **** out of each other we should trade with each other. Not many years after the eec was born with the orriginal six countries. France, Italy, West Germany and the Benelux countries. The EU is a trade project and very much a peace prroject Now you obviously think Brexit is your saviour and the road to a new global britain, and we are the stupid interfering foreigners . I respect your vote and you will have to live with it.
  6. You could be wright, I find it difficult to workout what you actually stand for. You are also correct that english is not my first language. Although I went to school in Sheffield 1966-73 I finished my education in the Netherlands. Your english saying I don't get your point, if I read it correctly you are proud you paid so little for nearly out of date sausages.
  7. You are not on the ball, if you would have waited a day you could have fished them out of the container for free.
  8. Yes I did get the thrust of your post. The UK was offerred an extention of the period for the implimentation of the rules, which means loads of documents. The UK government refused. The EU had their systems up and running so went ahead on the set date. The implimentation has been defferred again until next year, that is not the EU fault.
  9. I am glad to hear Brexit is going well, the facts and figures point into a different direction. And it also makes sense that you now have left the shackles of the EU you want to join another club to do the same on the otherside of the world. Time will tell if you are going to be succesfull. Good luck grab the new opportunities. I will take your word that the UK is a global power and little Belgium does not have these aspirations to flex its muscles in the china sea. When you write things down make sure like Mr. Farage you don't write down crap. Belgium was not neutral at the beginning of the second world war. Belgium in 1944 was liberated by Polish and Canadian troops as was my home country The Netherlands.. I don't see what it has to do with Brexit but it seems to fullfill your sense of superiority.
  10. That is good news and by god you need it . And it is good news that the UK is going to start patrolling the seas of the far east, it sounds expensive and for what purpose. The chinese must be shaking in their boots.
  11. The point is you left the eu and the customs union and you are now a third country. You can jump high and low but that is what you are. When you are not a member we protect our market. I am sure your politicians told you of the consequences before you voted.
  12. Hi Mangrove. You have two options. 1. He died in The Netherlands and nobody was there to arrange or pay for the funeral. The Municipality he would have lived in pays for his burial. 2. There was enough funds to repatriate him to the UK. Very expensive. If you know where abouts he lived in The Netherlands I can try and find out for you what happend to him.
  13. Very true. I came to live in Sheffield in aug 1966 and returned to the continent in 1978. The country was in a very sorry state. When they joined the common market it took years before you saw any improvements. I now live in Belgium and the EU is not topic of the day, News on Brexit is sporadic. I think The EU has moved on and there better fish to fry, the UK wanted to leave and now they have left, end of story, enough time and energy was wasted. The only trouble is that what has been carefully build up over the years can be distroyed overnight and you are back where you started.
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