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  1. Apart from the Blue Ball at Worrall and the Royal at Dungworth, Where else is recommended for visitors to the area to hear the local carols over the Christmas period?
  2. .........and you with over 13,000 while supposedly working in your public sector employment post!!! Immigration department did you not once tell us?....no wonder there are so many here now!
  3. Yep!He actually owns it! You should pop in Skinz one day ,would love to meet you!
  4. Sort of like the PC Lefties versus the Bigots /Racists?.....right wing issues and concerns! we know what you really mean!
  5. What a vivid imagination you have!............do try to lighten up a little for your healths sake!...remember also drugs and alcohol can harm ones health.
  6. That may be because you are too politically correct then!.......lighten up a little. ---------- Post added 13-03-2015 at 14:40 ---------- Which pillock are we talking about?
  7. Exactly!...............just like him and his mates did with the economy!
  8. I think he should get in the ring with "Lord Prescott"(aka Slugger O'Toole) let the right and the left battle it out as they are doing on here!
  9. After you have done with your 'Witchfinder General" role,surely you would have to agree TV would be much duller without the Clarksons of this world..............no? I thought so.
  10. Well if he really duffed someone up he will have what's coming no doubt and deservedly in lots of peoples eyes! However the reason for all the thousands of signatures every few minuets is that people are really voting against the political correctness religion that is strangling this country and which Clarkson rails against!
  11. Probably a good job the pits are gone then! ---------- Post added 12-03-2015 at 20:12 ---------- ....."Privately educated our Jeremy has never wanted for anything and there's nothing wrong with that whatsoever." Why mention it then?
  12. Is this all about Clarkson driving big fast motor cars which gets up some peoples noses..........come on don't be coy!
  13. I would sooner be indoctrinated by Jesus Christ than our many modern political prophets..............and after all we are all products of indoctrination from one source or another!
  14. My thoughts entirely.Some on here think they are very important indeed "paying so much tax"
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