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  1. I was wondering what hourly rate people were paying for their gardener?
  2. Hi, I need to get a dress altered for a wedding on Saturday. Yes I know very short notice. Can you help or know anyone who can? It is not a bridal dress, it is a dress for a guest and it needs taking up. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I want to get my driveway block paved. However I want to see some paving in a display area before choosing a brick. Only place I have found so far with a display is Pagets. Does anyone know anywhere else which has a display for driveway block paving that you can go and look at? Thanks.
  4. Hi, Looking for a gym, but one that has some wallbars (similar to image link below). Wallbars don't have to be exactly like that, just some wallbars would be good. http://www.demos1.co.uk/links/wallbars.jpg Does anybody know anywhere which has them? I am thinking if there is a gym (if at all) it will need to be somewhere specialised like a thai boxing gym, boxing gym etc. I've looked in standard gyms like Virgin, Pure Gym, Nuffield, no joy there. Anyone seen wallbars in a gym anywhere? Thanks.
  5. @ Evei - thanks so much for sharing your story. I don't wish anybody else back pain, but for those people who do have it, it is nice to hear their story. It is comforting to know you aren't alone in the struggle. I have seen plenty physios and know a load of exercises. However, what I need is a PT because I have a habit of being unmotivated and not doing my exercises. I need a kick up the backside. @ Cyclone - yeah most people think I have been nuts going to Bristol. They are very good at the Bristol centre I have been going to and they have specialist equipment for backs. However I think a lot of the training I could be doing in Sheffield and maybe every so often head back to Bristol to check my progress. @ getphysical - thanks for your PM, I have pmed you back
  6. Thanks Evei. How did you get diagnosed? Just the x ray? My back pain isn't any better at all first thing in the morning after a night's rest. Just the same as it was before going to bed. But it isn't any worse, first thing in the morning. It is always about the same throughout the 24 hours of the day. I agree with your feelings on back pain. It is very frustrating when you don't actually know the cause. And for many, they never will!
  7. Hi Evei, Thank you for this. I'll keep this in mind. I was diagnosed with Scheuermann's kyphosis in my teens, which is a hunching of the back caused by the vertebra growing wedge shaped. However a quick google now says that ankylosing spondylitis has similar presentation as Scheuermann's disease, so I will keep this in mind. I hope your condition is under control!
  8. Hi, I appreciate that there are a few threads on personal trainers, but my focus is on core strengthening rather than get-fit. I am looking to employ a personal trainer for x2 sessions a week for core strengthening. This would be on an ongoing basis, probably for months. I have non specific lower back pain. I am male, 38 years old, clear MRIs and otherwise healthy and clear to exercise. I have so far been going down to Core Strength Studios in Bristol (three times so far). Whilst they are very good, I want do be doing more of the work locally. The time and expense of going to Bristol mounts up quickly. I live in Ranmoor and am not a member of a gym. I am open to the offers of personal training in a gym environment or at my flat. I will take advice on that. I would expect the personal trainer I use to have a working knowledge of strengthening the core and the knowledge that the entire core needs strenghening i.e abs, obliques and lower back (e.g. multifidus) etc. In other words looking to strengthen the whole of the core rather than just 1 hour of "clenching your tummy". My main reason for a personal trainer is that my motivation levels can be poor if just left to myself. I look forward to any replies, please do reply here on the thread or PM me. Thanks.
  9. Can anybody recommend me a residential cleaning company or agency or individuals who could send me two cleaners for 1 hour, once a fortnight? I only have a 1 bedroom flat. The reason I would want two cleaners for 1 hour is that they are then out the door quicker. When you work from home, trust me, that makes a difference. My requirements are obviously low, so assuming only a company willing to take on the contract. It will be ongoing though, probably for years. I know Bargepole23 recommended New Pin Cleaning. I am wondering if there are any others I can compare and contrast with? Thanks.
  10. Hi there, does anyone know of anybody who does deep tissue massage or sports massage for backs? Must be in Sheffield. Previous threads a bit old now. I am doing exercises but could do with relief sessions as well. Any recommendations from anyone who has had similar for back muscle pain? Anybody who works from home would be good as well, as some clinic prices can be steep. I am sure I would need quite a few sessions as well, so any known deals on multiple sessions would be great. Somebody mobile I would consider as well. Any help appreciated Thanks in advance.
  11. The worst I had was some over-the-top 20 year old bloke trying to get me to say "guaranga". Means "be happy" or something. I told him he needed to do something better with his freetime. I suggested he could get a girlfriend....... ...... oh how I enjoyed saying that. The prat deflated in front of me.
  12. Hearth & Home off London Road are very good. They've been in the business for a long time.
  13. definitely the best place to shop in Sheffield. Get ready for prices that have been long gone in the supermarket. Like a punnet of strawberries for 50p. It's like stepping back in time!
  14. The truffles at "Truffles" at Fulwood Village take some beating.
  15. the best I think is Tesco Abbeydale Road. Exterior clean and interior valet - £12. You go off with a really clean inside and it smells wonderful. Great value for money.
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