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  1. Well most people on here thought that I was an idiot when I was predicting Peak Oil and a recession starting around 2008 followed by depression before a complete economic collapse in 2012 driven by 'Peak Oil'. The depression part hasn't happend but I still recon the complete economic collapse is still possible this year caused because of 'peak oil'. Now I suppose most people on here still think I'm an idiot
  2. All that Oil still underground, yet Oil refineries go bust. Something doesn't add up? The reason why 'peak oil' doesn't have anything to do with running out of Oil. Record prices within days now following this.
  3. Sorry but that must be a different 'crackpot'. I did used to post about this subject and always claimed that Peak Oil would occur about 2008 followed by an economic collapse (happening as we speak), then total collapse of civilization as we know it in about 2012, I maybe wrong (I hope I am) it maybe a year so later if we're lucky but it's going to happen.
  4. remember the other week when Cameron said 'we are staring down a barrel'? Well that barrel wasn't a 'gun', he was refering to an 'oil barrel' and one that is getting too empty for comfort. You can have your 'gas' and 'nuclear' energy as high as you like but the real dictator in the energy wars/crisis is 'oil', period.
  5. Peak Oil isn't about running out of oil, that will never happen. But one day it will cost more energy to get it out than what they get from it. The prices of oil are so volatile nowadays because of a few reasons being, demand from emerging countries, violence in oil producing areas and collapse of major oil fields due to depletion. An oil filed can become redunant even wth half it's oil left becuase it becomes too difficult to recover. Tar Sands in Alaska for instance are no good because they have such a low energy returned on energy invested. The sweet crude stuff isn't so easy to get now and that's the erason we'll never see the economy fully recover. We are at what I'd describe 'at the end of an age'.
  6. Does more people now understand the effects of peak oil and peak energy and its implications on the economy etc.? I ask as no one was really interested about 5 years ago when I first started to post about the subject. But watching the news channel all afternoon you can see there's real panic now concerning the economy and they're trying to get energy companies to lower their prices but they can't because of the demand. They also said the problem we've got is that if the economy improves it will put strain on oil demand and higher the price again causing yet another recession as quickly as getting out of one. All this is evidence of the peak oil theory. At this rate my prediction of total collapse by the end of 2012 is looking good, although I really do hope I'm wrong. Scared yet? Well your probably not but you when you finally wake up and smell the coffee that's brewing here.i
  7. I'm on the fence has to wether I believe any of these accusations or not, it's just a lazy sunday afternoon trawling through the thought provoking material on the net. I am though not going to shut myself off from the riduclous as much as I'm not going to believe everything I read from every conspiracy site. There's always overwhelming evidence from either side and someone always seems to debug one anothers theory. The one thing I do find interesting with the moon landings is the fake pictures they put out and if they aren't fake then the shadows etc. don't make sense. Maybe the real pictures showed something they didn't want the World to see or maybe it's just that the laws of physics slightly alter from our planet to the moon. I certainly don't know and will never be allowed to know the truths of many things but it passes a few hours on every now and then looking into alternate truths .
  8. Has this been debunked? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arZnnUOJ3O8
  9. Oh yes, we wouldn't want an individual sheep upsetting the herd would we
  10. Thayt's what's going to finish them off and set the World free again
  11. I'm not claiming the same people did all this but there members did it. The New World order are a political party like the Conservatives etc and they had members in 1912 and 2001. Just because people die it doesn't stop new members joining.
  12. This is the reason why people should stop giving aid money it makes things worse. Unfortuantely the people need to die off, the more aid they get the more they breed and then the worse their situation becomes and the vicious circle begins again only worse. I don't condone this but it's a case of 'being cruel to be kind'. Also the puppet leaders are put into power by our western governments and have obscene amounts of riches to enjoy so they will then sell their natural resources and minerals to the west for cheap prices and once those have dried up they will be left to fend for themselves.
  13. The things that may or may not have happened??? The Titanic was not an accident, apparently it could've been sunk for insurance reasons. The Holocaust didn't take place, there is now forensic evidence to suggest the Holocaust couldn't have taken place. President Kennedy, was he shot by the CIA because he didn't agree with the Vietnam War and was going to pull out of it thus costing the arms business some very lucrative profits. The Moon Landings, pictures that have shadows that suggest the lighting was fake and could've taken place on a stage. 9/11 did the Americans attack themselves to wage war against the middle east and again make lots of money for the arms business. And a whole host of other incidents throughout the 20th and 21st century.
  14. I never asserted this. This is what I was posting about, Lewis himself with the comments he used afterwards regarding the issue he had with the stewards is basically saying pull me in and I'll 'play the race card'. Lewis was the one who said 'maybe it's because I'm black'. So he's the one bringing this uneeded attention. I think F1 is and will always be a fair sport to any creed or colour because the more diverse drivers it gets the more money it will attract. Also I did point out in my original post to my concerns over Schumacher getting away with more than other drivers by mentioning the Montoya incident from years ago that could've probably cost Montoya and Williams the title that particular season (was it 2004?). Schummy drove into Monster and Monster got a drive thru (or 10 second stop go), which ever the punishment was back then.
  15. So Lewis hamilton thinks it's fine to drive into any driver who doesn't move out of his way. Then when the stewards penalise him he throws out the 'racist card'. So Lewis seems to think that other F1 drivers should just move out of his way because he's part white european and part black african. This from the guy who didn't want people to judge him from the colour of his skin, yet as soon as something goes against him he quickly plays the race card (no pun intended lol) Now I remember a number of seasons ago that if any driver had a right to complain about injustice it was Juan Pablo Montoya, it was the Brazillian Grand Prix and Micheal Schumacher drove into Montoya but wo and behold Montoya got the penalty of a stop and go or drive thru (I forget which). Lewis should grow up and take it on the chin. He probably gets away with more rather than less because he's part black .
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