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  1. But you typo baited whilst making a load of typos. What does that make you? (Don't bother answering, I've already seen some of your other "contributions" to the forum:rolleyes:)
  2. And you typo baited whilst missing out essential punctuation and typing an incorrect vowel. I simply pointed out the mote in your own eye:)
  3. I don't care. This is the UKIP thread. Please stay on topic.
  4. Coady and Brayford are decent players. They would walk into our squad, for sure, I don't know about the team. They aren't going to be back at the Lane next year, so they won't be walking into your team. I've kept my own counsel about you signing Campbell-Ryce until now. I'd just like to say :D:cool::):love: keep on signing players like that. The imaginary Prince must have very long pockets.
  5. If you are going to correct someone on spelling....
  6. You see, you should be worried. When honest, decent folk walk out on your party on principle, it should act as a wake up call for you. Maybe 65% of the UK electorate find UKIP abhorrent. Maybe you should think about why that is. I don't hold out any great hope though, because you have proven yourself to be largely unthinking when it comes to your voting decisions.
  7. I'm not sure why this thread is still allowed to be active. It is a full on discussion of UKIP's one and only policy. Surely it should either be closed or merged with the UKIP thread. One of the unintended consequences of the brave new world that we find ourselves in.
  8. You really shouldn't trust the news. That's just what the establishment want you to think:rolleyes:
  9. Have you ever seen black people being racist to other black people? I was suggesting exactly what I wrote. I thought that I was particularly clear. Is English your first language?
  10. They are the only party that can realistically offer an in-out referendum. UKIP certainly can't.
  11. Who'd have though that Smithy's spelling issues could present such a comedy opportunity:D
  12. What do you expect UKIP to do about any of those things? They are impotent. Waste your vote if you like. If you really want to force change in our European membership you need to vote Tory. Much as it pains me to say it.
  13. On voting day, this week the vast majority of the British public will not vote for UKIP. On voting day next year we wont even be talking about them. Enjoy your day in the partial sunshine.
  14. Can black people not be racist? I guess that some of Nigel Forage's friends are black too:rolleyes:
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