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  1. Hi i don't know this place in sheffield,i'm searching now,i live in stannington! if you want we take a beer o coffe when we are free
  2. HIII i'm au pair for 1 mouth,where youuu liveee?where you fromm?nice to meet you!
  3. Hii,your au pair is in sheffield now? I'm looking to meet other au pairs in sheffield;i'm italian girl and I live in sheffield for three weeks, is all new to me Have a good dayy
  4. Thank you very much,you are very kind,I do not know where to start, everything is so new to me in more snow does not help me nor my English... I like sheffield it's similar to rome for his seven hills Have a good day,I'm invaded by the snow XX
  5. Hello everybody,I'm new in sheffield,i'm an italian girl from turin I'm living in a family and i work as an au pair,i looking for new friends and i would like to improve my english because is very baddddd see you soonn Have a good day!
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