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  1. We're down by the deepcar medical centre. We saw that blue flash too. Power still off.
  2. well, my name is Michael. and in 2004 i had a bad bike accident in which i nearly died. so i consider myself to be version 2 of myself. therefor, Michael_v2
  3. it is just for dull aching in upper right abdomen. just precautionary i think.
  4. On Monday, I'm having an ultrasound scan on my gallbladder. I know the scan is at 0930 because of an automated phone message. But I havent received any letters confirming location. All I know is that it is at the northern general. Anyone able to let me know where abouts. :-/
  5. does anyone know that if i cancelled or suspended my car insurance due to no longer having my car, will i keep my no claims benefits for the next car. or do i have to continue paying it monthly to retain it.
  6. Two and a half months ago i asked this question. wondered if anyone had had any thoughts and could possibly help.
  7. I want to buy my mum a high seat chair. Her legs are going and only has a low settee. Does anyone know and places that are selling good quality chairs at good prices. Thanks in advance.
  8. does anyone know what the police activity was on Beckett walk on Thursday afternoon. I was walking past and saw 3 police cars and an evidence van. one police officer was taking photos. sorry to hijack this thread, but could find other threads relating to it.
  9. I'm running windows vista on my laptop. I tried to install a worms mayhem game but that was unsuccessful. since then, every time I try to install something, (Itunes for example) it shows the message "The windows installer service could not be accessed. This can happen if the windows installer is not correctly installed" The laptop also installed windows vista service pack 2. could this be the reason, or is there something i can download that will fix the issue. Thanks for any support.
  10. Our boiler is a Ravenheat "the white star" combi boiler. To start with, our combi boiler works. The central heating works perfectly when it switches on. The problem comes when the central heating is off and we need some hot water. When the tap is opened and water flows, the boiler clicks into life and you get hot water after 10 seconds or so. it lasts for 30 seconds and then hot water goes off. If the tap is left running it eventually comes on again, but repeats the same process. I can hear the boiler come on, the flame light and after half a minute there is a tinny type of clicking and it goes off. I'm hoping that it may be a fault with the switch that works when the water starts flowing. we're just about to have a mixer shower fitted and really needs the combi boilker to work at its best. Sorry to ramble but need advice soon. Thanks
  11. i can't remember the name of the modem, but it worked perfectly well on other pc. Thing is, i've not even got to the point in the instalation where you need to connect to modem. Just at the point where it confirms the kit you have been sent. I presume after this, the tiscali software is installed, but can't get past this point.
  12. We have had Tiscali broadband for about 15 months. It was installed on a dell pc with Windows xp. It's been fine all the way. But last week bought a compaq laptop which runs on windows vista. when i tried to install the tiscali software into it, it gets so far and then seems to stop. I can't get any further than the screen asking if i have all the kit. Having rung tiscali help line, they said they would send me another instalation disc out. While i've been waiting almost a week now, i thought i would ask on here if anyone else has suffered any similar problems. Thanks for any help.
  13. I live in deepcar. we are served by First busses from early to 2005 and then stagecoach from 2030 to 2330. Would anyone know if the montly passes you can buy will cover both companys. i would hate to buy one for £52 a month, only to find that it doesn't cover stagecoach in the evening. I'm thinking of using the busses as an alternative to driving. I do about 18 miles a day driving, which works out at about £65 in fuel. i know it's only £13 but it's saving. Or am i being impractical.
  14. "Do I have to pay anything when I make a Building Regulation Application? Yes, there are normally two payments to be made. On submission of your application you pay a plan charge, then, once the work has commenced you will be invoiced for an inspection charge. More information is available on the guidance notes on Charges for Building Regulations Applications." This is a quote from the sheffield city council about building regulations. When do I need to make an Application for Building Regulations Approval? You must make an application in the following instances: * When you erect a building, eg a new dwelling. * When you make structural alterations to a building, eg remove a load-bearing wall. * When you extend an existing building, eg build on a kitchen. * When you install fittings or services in connection with a building, eg install a central heating system. * When you make a material change of use to a building, eg convert a house to flats. * When you install replacement windows (If you do not use a Fensa registered company). * When you rewire or modify electrical installations to an existing dwelling (If you have not used a member of a Competent Person Self-Certification Scheme) Would you think this also includes changing a bathroom into a bedroom, and building a small toilet/showerroom into the existing bedroom.
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