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  1. I worked in the hotty tub business for a couples weeks and you have to be careful that the jets are cleaned and use pro disenfectors because you could end up with leagionaires. Just ask the last time it was checked and see the test certicate.
  2. It is always busy and the staff are friendly.
  3. Richard hawleys tyres at halfway are expensive but do a good jobs.
  4. His bother who is the leader of the labour party went behind his back. He would off made a far better leader than him becauses he speaks and looks daft.
  5. I remember frank bough talking abouts this on breakfast tv. I think some nony sikhs became sikhs so could get away without riding with a helmet.
  6. And do you need a lisence to drive it on the public road.
  7. Near the railways tracks gonna on rother vallet is full of rubbish and some look like house hold rubbish from bins. I think when the weather picks up rats will increase and move closer to our masionettes here.
  8. Is this the same as sikhs not needing helmets because there turbines act like head protection.
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