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  1. Happy Birthday Ruby Dazzler. Hope you've had a good day. xx
  2. Just pointing out it's not just confined to Sheffield....it's a National thing.......
  3. Had one here in Bournemouth too. Perhaps preparing for another Election
  4. My first job was at C&A's and we had to clock in by 0850....if we clocked in after that time it came on in red and we had to take it to a Supervisor who would interrogate you as to why you were late, sign it and put a dirty great ring round it. I went in one day, worked all of it then got called to the managers office....there were my cards, wages and holiday money on his desk....I'd got the sack. I'd been late three times that week....1 minute one day....2 minutes another day......total on week? 5 minutes. Can you imagine that happening these days.....I'd love to know if that flippin clock was even correct looking back.
  5. I often wish I knew if it was a VIP shopping day before I went and then I wouldn't bother going....I really hate those days...all those VIP's charging around.....can't help getting in their way. If only they knew....they might be VERY IMPORTANT in their own minds but that's all.
  6. My early childhood was spent going here and there on a Motor bike and Sidecar. BSA bike and a Watsonian Sidecar. Great fun but scary under the Mersey Tunnel as I recall. Mom in front with baby brother on her lap and me sat behind her in the dicky seat. On the odd special occasion and not for any great distance, I was allowed to ride pillion and can remember the smell of my dads leather coat as I clung on. Happy days ....didn't have much but didn't WANT much either.
  7. Back to front and with a bow with long ends on the top button as well.....
  8. Bazza. i do remember a couple of names but not the girls belonging to them if that makes any sense.....plus of course in them days we were all Miss Smith or Mrs Smith...... I for instance was Miss Robins although my name was Robinson but another girl with the same name had got in first ......
  9. The actual address was 59/65 High Street....the staff door was on King Street....I worked there in 1957...straight from school. Just saying
  10. Yes I was thinking that its not everybody that gets an eclipse for their birthday....pity the flippin cloud wasn't on the same wave-length. Saw nothing did I? still, I saw it on telly and had a good day in spite of it, and.......the sun came out later for me. Thanks
  11. Thank you. Been a great day and although it was a cloudy start, the sun did come out eventually. Amazing really, yesterday I was 27 ...today I'm 37.
  12. Ooh that took me ages.....sorry folks...try again now.
  13. They were one and the same.....it was Marsdens Teenage Tavern....I celebrated my 16th birthday there on what turned into a Coffee Bar Crawl.....didn't need pubs then. We finished up at the El Mambo, stood outside for a while and dared each other to go in...(it was in the news at that time ) Still talk about it now.....just a group of young girls, working at C&A's, on a half day birthday celebration....Totally innocent, totally sober but still talked about 56 years later.
  14. I'm here...I'm ok....just finding my way around a new computer......easier to look at the moment than partake....if you follow me
  15. Banned:?: Banned:?: who's going to get banned then:?: Happy New Year everybody
  16. Someone mentioned a curse.....talking about witches are we? hmmmm thought my ears were burning...... Happy New Year Everybody
  17. You're a diamond Mr. Rossy Sir......
  18. OK so it looks as if it's Christmas already on here.....just remember to be very good or FC won't come to see you.....He's watching.....
  19. There I was, snoozing on the sofa, and I heard this buzzing sound in the corner.....it must have been you lot tormenting Rossy.....leave him alone can't you, you don't know where he's been.....alright Rossy:?: you can thank me later......
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