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  1. Ran away? No. Tactical withdrawal orchestrated with skill and cunning no other nation could ever hope to match? Oh yes!! It wasnt an obvious victory, but it was a victory all the same.
  2. Murder happens for lots of reasons. Ids wager the biggest reason these days is religion. Id also wager that the religion connected most with murder is islam. They dont mind who they kill. Kids, disabled, women, non believers, believers who believe in the same beliefs but believe it a slightly different way, the lost goes on and on and............. on.
  3. Do they still happen? Are they banned world wide or just here and there? If they do still happen, is enough being done to stop it or are people fearful of mentioning it too much in case they incur the wrath of the backward ones?
  4. It wouldnt really be a ban though would it. If hes real like we keep getting told then hed soon make his presence felt if he thought his sheeple couldnt tell him how great he is. On a more serious note, i would ban ALL religion from schools and stop the stupid situation of schools being legally bound to teach such drivel. It warps the mind. Id also ban FGM, forced marriages and all the rest of the crap that comes along with these out of date cults. If someone wants to believe in god then let them choose for themselves when they become old enough to make their own decisions in life.
  5. lol!!! Really? lol. I got to admit that is a bit funny. ---------- Post added 20-07-2013 at 14:38 ---------- Good for you Mel Islam is dangerous. Try speaking out against it on a street corner or town centre. See how quickly you get locked up. Then try this, Stand on a street corner and tell everyone the West and the UK are evil and murderers and non believers should be beheaded. Then post back your results
  6. lol. Yes, of course they do. I love this bit by the way Hate crime indeed. I would have thought trying to save people from that cult would deserve government funding or a prize or something. Having said that, trying to get them to change cults to another, less violent but equally deluded one is a bit stupid and pointless. Instead lets just outlaw religion until the big fella makes an appearance?
  7. The trams have been cancelled permanently. Stagecoach are sick of people complaining about the trams getting priority all the time so they are taking up their tracks and moving to Rotherham.
  8. Aaaaaanyway. Cutting through the usual pro-muslim hysteria, Islam is dangerous. ---------- Post added 20-07-2013 at 14:24 ---------- King? I didnt know he was related to the royals. Perhaps someone should tell him?
  9. Just as i thougt you were seeing the light. You go and say this Leave poor TR alone. Hes done you no harm.
  10. Wouldnt be the first time muslims have tried to pull the wool over peoples eyes.
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