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  1. kath196

    Can anyone help? Advice Please

    Starlet There is a group on facebook called fightback, they will be able to tell you what she is able to apply for, I think it will be ESA she needs to go on to. She cannot be expected to sign on and trek into town everyday. Good luck
  2. I lived there from being born in the 1960's up until 2002 . My parents are still there. Its changed a lot over the years with lots of houses built, its no longer the little village where everyone knows each other and lots of wide open spaces. I still like it there, don't get me wrong, its just a lot busier.
  3. kath196

    Thieving scum in Highgreen

    Thats a terrible thing to do. It might be worth giving Eden mobility a call on Halifax road, I called in a couple of days ago and there is a sign saying they buy things secondhand. I'll keep my eyes and ears open. Hope she gets it back.
  4. RIP Wallbuilder. Condolances to your family. I never met you in real life, but you were a very familiar person on here to me.
  5. kath196

    I'm going to be on the radio!!

    Thanks very much Janie.
  6. kath196

    I'm going to be on the radio!!

    Is there anyway I can listen to this on a catch up service at all, sorry I missed it.
  7. Gorgeous dog, actually Just seen a very similar one on facebook that has been found on the cross if you know anyone missing one. I actually thought of this one when I saw the picture on there, and thought I had better check he hadnt got out or something.
  8. kath196

    Disappearing meerkats

    We have just had baby oleg arrive, it took 49 days , so I think just delayed because they are popular.
  9. Mattenmurg, yes it was too deep and needed trimming, apart from that it was ok thank goodness.
  10. Got one from B and Q, found it was cheaper to purchse a door kit than the letter box on its own, it had a letter box complete and door handles around £16.
  11. kath196

    Pet portrait of my dog

  12. I just checked the details and yes you can block all international calls with the true call. I just have mine set to reject all witheld numbers, which has stopped all nuisance calls. You can put individual numbers on a block list too.
  13. I believe the true call machine allows international calls to be blocked.
  14. I will ask for some info. I am just researching the family tree and there are some Stubbs not to far back. I remember I used to go on holiday with the druid friendly society when I was young, around the 1975 ish. My uncle had quite a lot to do with them. I do remember some sort of insurance/ savings aspect connected to it, in fact I still have a policy running but the name has changed over now, I shall see what my parents can tell me.

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