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  1. You better hope you don't come back as a bird then.
  2. Last Saturday morning at about 09:30 I drove down Catch Bar Lane, Leppings Lane and all the way to and through the new layout (the lights were with me) and up to Halfords only having to stop at the traffic lights on Halifax Road controlling access to the Halfords slip road. I may just have been very, very lucky but I never managed that in years prior to the changes.
  3. Two teenagers were making darts (paper planes) and throwing them out of a tram window today. I wish I was man enough to have tackled them about it but I just ignored it. Sign of the times.
  4. I always say " I'm sorry I just give a fiver to an old boy down the road five minutes ago".
  5. I know of a grit bin just up the road from High Bradfield. I walk my dog round there regularly. The high winds you get up there flip the lid open almost permanently and the rain just floods it. The grit in there is now under 3 inches of water.
  6. Yes it does. The thermocouple is bang in line with the flame.
  7. I bought a new portable gas heater about 14 months ago (online) and haven't actually used it a lot so far. I'm still on my first bottle of calor gas. I used it this morning for about 30 mins and suddenly the flames went out. Empty gas bottle I presumed but it feels heavy and I can hear a sloshing sound if I shake the bottle so I know it's not empty. Now the pilot light ignites the gas without a problem but when I release the button after the recommended 10 seconds the flames die. I don't want to mess around with it myself. Anyone recommend a place that services these things?
  8. Every dog has its day. Local newspapers as we knew them have had theirs.
  9. The Star is the way it is today because people stopped buying it. Times change. There are other ways of getting news. Today's Star is only a fraction of the quality it used to be because I guess it only has a fraction of the budget and staff it used to have. The online edition is free and you get what you pay for. Stop moaning. Don't read it if it's that bad.
  10. The chavs are breeding and bringing up more chavs just at a time when falling Police resources mean incidents like this are not able to be dealt with. Plus all the Roma and similar associated problems means society is going to be in big, big trouble very soon.
  11. Down the dual carriageway (Netherthorpe Road). The way it read to me is they weren't using Netherthorpe Road. Thanks for clarifying.
  12. I'm not getting this. From city centre to Middlewood, how is the replacement bus getting from the University to Shalesmoor?
  13. It hasn't actually been the small independent 'Greaves' for quite some years - it was bought out by a national company called Rayners. I believe they themselves have now been taken over by another large nationwide company who have decided to close that particular shop.
  14. Just been told that they are closing down this Saturday. Shame as it has been there for many many years.
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