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  1. Prior to doing my National Service in 1956 Iworked at Lee & Wigfull John St as a holloware stamper It was owned by Sippells and George Cunningham artist was diesinker there We all called him George Craftypig and he was a really funny and entertaining talker A silversmith made a ring for me,and George engraved my initials on it
  2. My father William Mather (Bill) took charge of a brand new Sentinel steam lorry at Pond's Forge in 1929. Later moved to Brown Bayleys with it did 12 hour shifts all through WW2 So the Sentinel was working 24/7 and he was still driving it in the fifties.............. made to last or what!!
  3. I remember that Maurice Jacksons shop had a good many specimen fish in glass cases it was quite a big shop for those days ,they would be worth a fortune now......My uncle George Dickinson had a tackle shop on Shalesmoor
  4. There was one at the bottom of Fitzwilliam St bottom of The Moor called ERNEST JOWITT surrounded in 1942 onwards by bombed buildings
  5. When in the army Cockney lad to me "I've seen your bird in town" My response " Weer wo shi gooin an oo woshy wee ?" His reply "What's that.b....y Chinese"
  6. I was born in Salmon St in 1938 and lived there about 30 years until demolition Went to Sharrow Lane School then Greystones.Loved it round there the pubs in my twentys were great and alot of characters some have been mentioned like Arnie Allison landlord of the Washington and the waiter Jack Birch.We once pretended to be arguing over mixing drinks and asked Jack to adjudicate as non of us knew as much as Jack would. We asked him "How do you make a Molotov Cocktail ?" He looked knowingly at us and said " You start with two pieces of cucumber " The snooker room exploded and six of us were helpless rolling around on the floor. More later!
  7. Across from Locarno,Sharrow Lane yes and one Ireally remember at the top of Cemetery Rd and Sharrowvale Rd A group of us were headed for Endcliffe Park and were near Wilson's snuff mill when B-17 Mi Amigo went overhead and crashed in Enccs.All the crew were killed.The site was sealed and cleared,but I later found a bit of plexiglass which I carried with me for months
  8. Worked for Express a long time.Remember Chatsworth being built about 1947. the cow went to Wythenshawe Manchester when bottling finished. Charlie was named after BOBO the clown,he worked with Farmer Harry from Totley.Polish Eddie said in the war he had 3 uniforms Polish,German and Russian.He wore whoever happened to be winning.I ran the fishing club along with Garry Watts
  9. Lived at sharrow and as a kid went to the Star cinema down Summerfield St ,in hot weather the windows would be open.Can still remember the smell of the whale oil
  10. Know them all,what about sprottled for lying untidily i.e. sprottled on a settee or airiated for overexcited or agitated
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