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  1. Mod Note content removed as this has already been posted in the correct section
  2. Anybody help me with this please. We are wanting to remove a wall between kitchen and dining room, wall is called paramount panel wall made up for a 37mm width wooden frame and the pasteboard either side with cardboard infill. Wall running parallel with upper joists so non load bearing. However structural engineer has said the external wall which one end of the stud wall butts up to needs a wind post installing to give lateral support to the wall panel between the front door and dining room french door if we remove the stud wall. He thinks the stud wall gives some lateral resistance to the external wall from external wind forces. I'm lost???? The wall panel in question is approx 1300mm wide from front door to dining room french doors. He said that the removal of the bricks which were under the old window in the dining room could with the removal of the stud wall cause issues to this external wall panel outside. How much would one cost to install? Thanks guys
  3. Hi Can anyone tell me how much the membership is at excel martial arts in Sheffield for adult classes? Or recommend any martial art centres
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