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  1. Too late now it was 8 month's ago when I moved, its all done
  2. I'm quite happy to show you the paperwork where they said they will increase it.
  3. Not funny at all. It was a legal document with a timescale cut off point. They should tell you it's not guaranteed to get delivered, but hey we'll take the extra money anyway
  4. I sent a letter by recorded delivery last August According to the tracking number it's still at the post office I took it to. Royal Mails response was " recorded delivery doesn't guarantee delivery" it must be missing. So I paid £1.44 for nothing. I had to resend by special delivery costing me £7.20
  5. That made me laugh, I knew exactly who you meant. I've not seen them for years but they were like that in 1998 when I lived on Gleadless Road.
  6. RIP. I grew up listening to his music He touched the lives of generations
  7. Why would anyone buy from them if it's in the hands of the receivers. You have to wait a few weeks to get your stuff, they can take your money and you could be left with nothing.
  8. Some years ago I worked for Sheffield Homes. The criterea then to get a flat was, have you had any rent arrears or anti social behaviour orders. The answer for these young people being given a property was almost certainly "No". They had probably lived with parents before, so of course they hadn't. Neither did some of them know how to pay rent or look afer a property.
  9. My father in law has lived there since the 70's. All his old neighbours have long since moved or died. He says it hadn't got the community feel it once had and he hardly knows anyone. The gardens are not tended as they used to be and everything including the shops looks in a state of disrepair.
  10. I went onto a water meter last May, and my hot water takes a while to run through on my combi boiler which is new. My water bills are half what they were before, plus we have an extra adult here at the moment so extra showers/baths and washing.
  11. We sold our house and Coppen wanted increased the ground rent from £30 a year to £160 for the new buyers. Mike Haslam who is an expert in this area dealt with this for us. We signed something (cant remember what it was called) for the new buyers to purchase the freehold under our name and in two years it would become theirs. The buyers paid all the fees except the first £3000 which it would have cost to buy the added years on the leasehold.
  12. It's not a major help but I keep a bag of old hats scarves, socks, and gloves in my car. If I see any I offer them.
  13. It wasn't like this three days ago. They then sent a customer survey asking if I liked it, I said no and their response was sorry but its there now and cant be changed
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