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  1. Just to thank all those contributors who posted sensible adult comments to my original about my black panther siting in the Sandigate/Revilin valley. Disappointed this forum is consistantly spoiled by immature so called adults that post on inane no contribution comments. Where I live in the South West sitings of big cats are taken very seriously as there is danger to livestock; humans; and pets. In South rural settings the police will make a search after a report or two. Farmers are keeping watch. Big wild cats are not part of the UK indiginous wildlife so we are pretty sure they have been let loose by private ex-owners. They are able over many hundreds of miles seek out partners and experts believe they are breeding and the population growing maybe slowly be indeed growing. Many sitings maybe by credible witnesses. They have been caught on camera - still and camcoder. Spore has been found. Food sources have been found half eaten or killed. A handful of bits of dead big cats found. It will be handful because the UK population is in relative rare but they are indeed out there. Anyone who likes countryside walking generally like to see say a rare bird or say a shy animal polecat; wiesel stout. I am sure many city dwellers don't see often badgers? So rubbish reports of black cats "for a laugh" if that what gives you a thrill but many countryside flora and fauna lovers are always interested and don't poopoo reports.
  2. Last Saturday as a visitor to Sheffield but an ex-Sheffielder I drove over and down from Stannington down into the Riveilin Valley. Crossed Rivilin Valley road and then up the hill towards Sandigate. On that road is currently road works and traffic controls and as I was stopped on red to my right in the field at the top of steep hill my eye and attention was caught by a black animal. In a split second I thought what was a black labrador what was it doing so high on a remote hill? I then realised there was no owner to be seen and I realised as I looked it was too big for a labrador .... it turned its head and was not a dog. What struck me was its sheer black colour against the green grass and it had a very long tail which "looped" and curved upwards. As the road works traffic lights turned to green I had to set off but kept looking up the hill and the car creature started bounding up the hill at pace. It bounded rather than ran like a dog ; bounded like a cheetah or big cat would bound. I was in a quandry whether to pull in and stop but because of the traffic lights other cars were to close behind to pull in. All the way to meet my son over at Ranmoor I kept saying to myself "what have I just witnessed"!!!????
  3. Brian's every right as any radio ringerupper to criticise any team in the world he watches.......on P&G they should only allow on someone who ACTUALLY as attended the game they are talking about unlike Barnsley fans who come on and start criticisng ticket prices; price t'pies and so on and then presenter says "have you been down to Oakwell today?"......and usual reply "I couldn't mek it today cus I had to feed ferrets and get t'pigeons away"...............but thera gud team Barnsley aint deh?".............after United's win last night which was about 80% good but some old failings flaring up......it would be interesting to hear what Brian and others (that were at the match!!!) have to say.........I was shocked and disgusted to see Weir had picked the old numpties of last season PORTER; DOYLE; WESTLAKE; WILLIAMS; MURPHY;McDONLALD what happened to new Blades............we won but still long way to improvement.........BRANDY take a bow mate............
  4. probably i wouldn't know living in wiltshire by then - i think brian thackray had been a norton woodseats player at one time who's home was indeed the wagon & horses dronfield ground now sheffield club who have developed and modernised for all to see
  5. Hi Lew Of course I remember you but you have the Welch brothers mixed up I am John but Roger was the policeman. My profession has been purchasing and supplies for 42 years I am now 61 and live with my wife Jenny a Baggies supporter and two sons Alex and Jonty, in North Wiltshire. Roger is 63 and is retired with Gill in Weymouth nad has two siblings and 2 grandkids. I played till 50 after playing in Birmingham and Wilshire/Glos. after leaving Sheffield 30 years ago, my last competitive game was for Bristol Blades in the Bristol Sunday League and that was 11 years ago and last Christmas I had to have operations on both knees but I am walking good again now. Our lads were at Southampton FC Academy and Cheltenham Town Centre of Excellence for 6-7 seasons but never were offered schlorships mainly because at their size - tiny - but were late physical developers and are both 6ft plus now and strong athletes - Alex 22 is semi pro and just today signed for Wantage Town FC in the Hellenic Premier League - google and check out him out.....Jonty is at HALLAM UNI plays for the Uni on Wednesdays but is signing for Hallam for Saturday football when he returns to Sheffield in September living at Hunters Bar....if you know other clubs ?.........I have a season ticket for Blades but if they are poor again will watch Jonty instead in anycase I have to bring his washing up and food his mum sends him!!!!!! I am at Bramall Lane on Friday night if you fancy a pint and chat at the Copthorne? Great to hear from you I would love to find out where all the Olive players are I bump into Alan Thorpe but we doesn't look well ALL THE BEST JOHN WELCH
  6. No Brian didn't - Brian didn't have much to do with Olive - he never played for them and I never ever saw him once in the Olive - his pub was the Ball Inn at the top of Mytle Road and I never saw him sing - think you must be thinking of someone else ---------- Post added 03-03-2013 at 19:39 ---------- Thanks Roger and I worked hard to make it at United but circumstances happened and put us off path. Did you use to live half way up Walden Road and join in kick abouts with us the Welchies and the Ibbotsons of Myrtle Road. Also on the "tip" the fields across East Bank Road? Do you know how John Fagen is?.....I think he married and lived in Gleadless somewhere would be good for me to meet up again was my best mate for a long time...played at Hallam and Ball Albion together ---------- Post added 03-03-2013 at 19:42 ---------- Thanks Roger and I worked hard to make it at United but circumstances happened and put us off path. Did you use to live half way up Walden Road and join in kick abouts with us the Welchies and the Ibbotsons of Myrtle Road. Also on the "tip" the fields across East Bank Road? Do you know how John Fagen is?.....I think he married and lived in Gleadless somewhere would be good for me to meet up again was my best mate for a long time...played at Hallam and Ball Albion together ---------- Post added 03-03-2013 at 19:43 ----------
  7. I only played about a 5-6 games for Bristol Blades as I live about 20 miles from Bristol and Martin a Blade lad from Grenoside (who lived in Bristol) contacted me via my sister who lives in Greno and got me signed up - I was a fit 50 then (circa 2002) but with bad knees so my "comeback" was cut short but at least taking my two young sons to watch in Blades kit they flew the flag in the South West - yes we played in "WARD" kit and it was a buzz to put the orthentic kit on - really enjoyed it good lads - the ex-Sheffield lads had diminished in numbers and went for a drink after in a pub up in Clifton full of SUFC photos was good feel. Age; knees and having to taken my sons to their footie (they were at Cheltenham Centre of Excellence at that time) put an end to my short but enjoyable BB career..........at least my boys recall they had seen me play! I didn't go to any other tournaments - I often wonder if Bristol Blades are still going because the players were getting old and scarce - one game we only had 9-10 players. Most of other players were Bristol born and followed City or the Gasheads. All the best ---------- Post added 28-02-2013 at 11:00 ---------- Must mention Danny Wilson is positively HATED IN SWINDON where I happen to work!!!
  8. I was taken aback listening to Praise & Grumble last night after Orient game to hear "Brian the Blade" has been unmasked as non other than Brian Thackery aka Bruno aka Doctor Death!........my surprise is I played for Olive Grove; Ball Albion and Hallam in the 70's and these were the happiest and most productive footballing times of my life. Living on Walden Road 50 yards from Olive Grove pub and and ex-Blades junior and brother Roger was an ex-professional and England Youth international for the Blades reserves when we both left Bramall Lane of our own decision it was nature we went to play for Olive Grove and we had 6 great years with the Olive winning Sheffield & District Sunday leagues and cups - we beat Wagon & Horses and Earl in finals and semi finals with Brian playing for these later clubs. The standard of football in that league and in those teams in those days was incredible. The rivalry was brilliant and the crowds often massive. Better entertainment than United or Wednesday. Many players were Saturday players with high standard clubs Hallam (I played there) Sheffield; Boston; Winterton etc.. There was constant "derbies" this was no "Dog & Duck" footie - the big pub teams were OLIVE GROVE; BLACK BULL; ARBOURTHORNE EA; JOKER; RAWMARSH; HOYLAND TOWN JAGS; GRENOSIDE ANGEL; WAGON & HORSES; EARL; quality players ; strong players; hard players ......we had Eric Stratford; there was Mick Fitxpatrick (see Neil Warnock's autobiography "Made in Sheffield") Roy Young .....Brian was hard but fair he used to get booked and sent off for a wild swing and miss a player .....he had a big backside to shield the ball! After great times at Olive and a cartlidge removal and knee ligaments I moved 300 yards up the hill up Thornbury Road to the Ball Albion (Ball Inn pub next to Blades training ground)...........Brian trained us really hard and I regained my fitness with Albion thanks to Brian he was a fit guy himself (for his age!?) 5-6 ex-Olive Players were at the Ball Albion (and ARTHUR LEES SPORTS) and we had good players such as the Plumtree bros; Alan Thorpe; John Fagen; Graham Staley; Bob Melia; Mark Ramsden; Pete Moxon; Tony Wollen we could prove we were as good as the Olive Grove because we got stuck in the lower standard Sunday Alliance League and never really proved as Sunday & District Premier standard. However; was a shrewed manager and coach and we were a brilliant passing; possession and movement team....Brian was ahead of his time in that respect. My funniest memory of Brian was to hear on the Friday he had fallen off the ladders (he was a window fitter by trade) and with a massive pot on his arm and shoulder he couldn't play following Sunday but we played at Handsworth and as often there was a touchline "fracas" and Brian hit one of the opposition over the head with his plaster pot and it shattered like a Carry-on film prop!!! Brian loved his football and running the Albion and his self appointed title was "Dr.Death" but really he was a gent and easy to talk to but listen Brian you used to drop me too much and play yourself and ageing legs too much....I think I was too much of an ego for him to handle....I wasn't a yes man. He liked to watch United train a lot on the Ball Inn ground in between fitting windows and running Albion and he would tell us all the dressing room gossip! I think and I stress think Brian known as Bruno was half Maltese but not sure? I may not recognise him now in those days he would have been a ringer for Peter Sutcliffe (sorry Brian looks only) I expect the beard has gone and he has given up with the Grecian 2000?! Although I now live in Wiltshire (have for 27 years) I am a season ticket holder for Blades - come on Brian show your true identity - my sons says every time "its that Brian again on P&G" ..........I finished playing competitively 10 years ago for Bristol Blades a team of exiles of Unitedites in the Bristol Sunday League.....just had key hole surgery on both knees but worth all the pain......HAPPY SHEFFIELD FOOTIE DAYS still recalled. Roger lives in Weymouth in happy retirement.........my two sons have been with Professional Club Academies down south.........youngest is a first year at Hallam University playing for their footie team.........we are all the same DNA! Brian is a Sheffield footballing character Gary Armstrong and Mathew Bell should right a book about!!!! Radio Sheffield should have Brian on as a special guest too! UP THE BLADES........thank god for Sheffield & District Football Any ex-Olive; Ball Albion; Arthur Lees; Hallam get in touch John (Fritzy) Welch now aged 60 ....still slaving:)
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