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  1. Does anyone know a good place in Sheffield where adults (I'm 40) can learn parkour. I'm physically very fit and would love to have a go, but everything seems to be based on kids and young adults (understandably).
  2. Yeah I'm interested. Did you get my email?
  3. Ha ha. Yeah I was being a bit stupid. Just trying to do stuff in a hurry. I've sent an email to the above address now anyway. Thanks for your advice.
  4. HI, I cannot reply to your personal message because I haven't done 5 posts on this site. So here's No.2 ---------- Post added 24-03-2013 at 19:43 ---------- Number 3.... ---------- Post added 24-03-2013 at 19:43 ---------- Number 4... ---------- Post added 24-03-2013 at 19:44 ---------- And finally number 5.... I'll Reply to your message now. ---------- Post added 24-03-2013 at 19:46 ---------- Ok, so that didn't work.. I'll email you.
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