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  1. Yeah that type...just wanting somewhere what does hair and bread trim to be honest...how much is it there?? Any ideas??
  2. Benn going to same hairdressers for a while and just fancying a change. Wondered if there was any suggestions?? Wouldn't mind beard trimming/styling aswell as the hair if anybody knows anyway. Based S6 so there or surrounding areas would be appreciated...thanks in advance...
  3. Was just wondering any recommendations for beard trimming services in Sheffield?? Want it trimming and styling etc. Thanks in advance...
  4. Van schaiks will do a top job...always been there and always done a great job. Definitely recommend them
  5. Thanks for the advice. Never been in a gym before so was a little nervous about signing up cos don't want to look the fool lol. Is there quite times??
  6. Thinking about joining this gym and just wondered if anybody was a member and could tell me a little bit about what it was like,what kind of people go in there etc. Just wanting to know if it's a good environment to work out in. Many thanks
  7. Where abouts is this?? Do you have any details?? Thanks
  8. Just looking for a bit of advice and a bit of direction...iam looking for a gym in Sheffield to get my fitness back up. Looking for a helpful quite gym around the S6 area...can travel a little if needs be. Just wanting to work out in a nice environment. Any help or.advice would be appreciated as iam wanting to join asap...thanks in advance
  9. Is that the new one at kelham island on the main road?? Any ideas of prices??
  10. Iam looking to start and go to the gym to tone up and get in shape. Was just wondering if anybody knows of a gym that doesnt get that busy where you can just do things at your own pace?? Any suggestions appreciated
  11. After a bit of help. Just phoned van schaiks up found out nat and steve dont work there anymore. Was just wondering if anybody knows where they have moved on to?? Had some work done by them in the past and was after some more. Thanks ---------- Post added 05-03-2015 at 18:38 ---------- If these guys arent available was looking for recommendations in sheffield to smarten up a sleeve and add a few bits. Thanks
  12. Iam going to ring tomorrow just wanted to know the procedure. Thanks for the advice
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