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  1. like I mentioned in a previous thread, after Brexit Foreign drivers going back to their respective countries and the demon covid causing all HGV driving courses to be cancelled which would have steadily stopped the massive lack of drivers we have at the moment. I just hope the standards of the courses don't suffer by by the haste of getting more drivers on the roads, that spells danger. Its like someone striking a match in a busy department store and some clown shouting fire fire and causing a stampede.
  2. Yes they do a Brilliant job, no moaning or owt, they just get stuck into the task in hand.
  3. There are still as many Turkeys knockin about, its just that they have been been given a reprieve till next year,
  4. Just watching Sean Connery in Diamonds are forever, I know they don't remake bond films as such but just replace the actors with a different story line but for my money there will only be one Bond as far as I'm concearnrd, that is Sean Connery not Poncy Roger Moore and the rest of the Mongrels. Simon Templer was Roger Moores roll, actually couldn't imagine Connery doing Templer, he is not Poncy enough.
  5. Ì think The Army have helped before, several years ago during the Tanker drivers strike plus driving the Green Godess's during the Firemans strike in 78 and loads of other stuff like floods ect. Our Armed Forces are always on hand to help. UNSUNG HEROES.
  6. A lot of long distance didn't bother with b&b's, they would sleep in the Wagons and claim lodge.
  7. Driver shortage is not just something to do with Foreign drivers going back, there is also Covid to consider, last year thousands couldn't do HGV driving courses.
  8. It's a very busy service, Trumpton to Camberwick Green, on the hour, every hour.
  9. He should know, he's made some baddens. A lot of people do know that. !
  10. Definately, like mentioned, there are some films that should be left alone.
  11. To be honest I'm usually on Carp baits but when I fish maggot to be honest I still catch Bream and Carp not Perch, Hide or Roach I would have thought having switching to Maggot I thought I would attract some of little stuff, I use red maggot though, probably mixed would attract the ones I mentioned.
  12. Enjoying this this thread keep em comin, no delays, oops thats british rail.
  13. It would have been handy if there were room.
  14. A duel carrageway from manor top down city road and duke street to the parkway roundabout, just like prince of wales road.
  15. Papillon is on Netflix and Ben Hur is on 5 live, I think its called.
  16. Watched the remake of Ben Hur and Papillon, really good but not a patch on the Heston and Mcqueen versions but credit due the actors and production teams.
  17. Very Sad news, I can still here him shouting Marleeeen, he brought much laughter to our screens, R.I.P John.
  18. Yes there are plenty of Anglers fish Aston park and my mate and my self used to to fish Stable, Split and Lilly regular and do well over a period of around 8 years and have some really good days then like I mentioned over the last 18 months or so, in between fishing Alex's and Springs we seem to be having better days at the Springs, I think the rumour, true or not about Alex taking all the big Carp out of his ponds and putting them all in the Lilly seem to be ringing true, but the weekend Campers have spoiled the pond by chucking buckets of Boilies ect in and over feeding the flaming pond, A couple of years ago for example we would be tackled up for around 7ish and my god, first or second cast we were in, like I mentioned in previous post, a couple sundays ago we fished the same place in between the weekend campers and never got a bite in 2 hours so we tackled down and move down to the Dam wall pond and had a great day catching from first cast,
  19. Just don't know who's who, what's what, by the way, what day is it.
  20. We still don't know who the flipp is Alice, so now, who the flipp is Jamie.
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