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  1. To be fair, its not just Damons, but KFC, McDonalds, Northern Foods all in the same area pumping out the smells. The mixture of all this processed food can be nausiating, especially late at night and early hours of the morning. The litter is a big problem, especially when the revellers have emptied the contents of their 'family trough' from KFC all over the bus shelters and tram stops.
  2. Sadily, many pubs unfortunately are now the same, availablity of drugs are why they are full of the scum and the decent people stay at home! I used to use the Hawk & Dove at Waterthorpe which has faced a similar decline.
  3. OMG, really??? Bet you don't live near it though? The smell of fried food day in day out can become rather tedious!
  4. Profile is published by Sheffield Newspapers. I should imagine their front counter on York St will have plenty of current and back copies.
  5. Don't know whats worse, Damons or Northern Foods?? The smells seemed to have stopped for a while, but they are back with a vengance now!
  6. I too have been in a freezing self catering apartment in Nerja in February. Because of the concrete construction of the building it was warmer outside than in the the apartment The guy on reception wanted €18 for the hire of a oil fired radiator for the week. I went back in the apartment, turned on all four cooking rings and put the oven on full. Warm as toast in minutes. I told everybody else in the complex how to warm up their apartments as well!!! Serves them right!!!!
  7. Last week Benidorm was 11c day and 3c at night, but then again it is winter there like it is here!!!
  8. Why on earth do we need these markets anyway? All they do is attract the street drinkers, hot dog sellers, and the general riff raff associated with the the present market areas?
  9. I totally agree RiffRaff, wherever there are market areas the area takes a nose dive ... the same will happen when the New Market Hall is built off the Moor! It is sad that the 'once premier shopping' street in Sheffield has been taken over by the rubbish!!
  10. I think there will be quite a few more of the big old 'boozers' like the Birley biting the dust when the no smoking rule comes in on July 1. The only way now is to sell food and create a family environment, which really can't be a bad thing can it?
  11. Frozen food shop which sells food coming up to its sell buy date, mainly for people who are skint!
  12. I still have a copy of your tape, send me £500 and you can have it!
  13. I had a problem with my Sky Dish and replaced it with a pudding basin, trouble is it only picks up Yorkshire!
  14. I bought an aerosol for pet odours from Wilkinsons. Its a foam which evaporates and takes away the smell. Made by Glade I think!
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