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  1. tinsley marina (off shepcote lane) there's a pair of kingfishers
  2. hiya tia tesco not for another couple of weeks. theres a HUGE one saturday and bh mon at twin oaks J29 M1 you cant miss it. opens at 12.30 too.
  3. the car boot at twin oaks J29 M1 is ON Bank Holiday Monday 27/5/13 - **WEATHER PERMITTING** and its £11 per pitch. must arrive no earlier than 10.30 though and public enter 12 noon. (info directly from Twin Oaks - called them yesterday to confirm)
  4. im on sky and my wireless dongle wont work. i have to buy a sky wireless connector £29.99.
  5. several fans were seen climing over the wall at bramall lane. stewards and police threw them back in.
  6. what a player he was. the ref made too much of it ---------- Post added 23-02-2013 at 20:11 ---------- its about time that chairmen leave team matters exclusively to the manager and not interfere. there are too many would be managers that rule their club with iron rods.
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