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  1. Hope the F.A can step in and stop managers resigning when ever they want,Bruce does not seem to be a honest manager after resigning from Two positions now,Hope the Newcastle fans turn against Bruce,and doesn"t last more than a couple of months,Bullen should be given a chance as a manager with Waddle or Palmer to help him
  2. Sky sports just over reporting after what Bruce said after the game yesterday,Bruce can go if he wants with loads of other managers available to step in,but can"t see Ashley wanting to pay between 5m-7m for Bruce
  3. 3-0 up The Owls,where is Foresteri? 3-1 now
  4. Chansiri banned Sky and the others away from Hillsboro,Bruce would be under more pressure at Newcastle and with Ashley the Chairman would they be able to bring in Top Class players and how many Geordies would want there money back from Ashley if he does chose Bruce,instead of a happy atmosphere at Newcastle it will be a upsetting one,once things start to go wrong for Bruce
  5. Lee Bullen would be the favourite for the job with the fans backing him,but Bruce as been warned by Newcastle writer that the fans do not want him and if things start to go wrong for him,then the fans will trun against him quick and Ashley back in trouble
  6. Benetez left because he got no backing from money grabbing Allen,so would Bruce want to work under Allen,feel sorry for the Brilliant Newcastle fans who deserve more from Mr Allen but does not seem to show any commitment to get Newcastle challenging with the Top Clubs,Newcastle fans on twitter seem not to bothered about Bruce stepping in to manage there Club
  7. Hirst as not really done anything outstanding since leaving the Owls and acting like is Dad David,who was outstanding till the Man United rumours started then is career when on a downward trend,must Owls fans were always expecting this deal to happen
  8. Bruce is doing the right option keeping silent on the signings he as completed until July,just wish we had more players moving on,as The Owls squad is still to Big
  9. Like to see the Full times of games this season in Premiership with VAR being used,as the England game the other night had 7 minutes injury time because of VAR,so the Full Times scoring going to take alot longer to finish than before
  10. Nick Powell from Wigan to replace Foresteri if sold to United?
  11. Very Poor from the Blades,1 Shot in 44 minutes is really bad,Midfield poor again,
  12. Bruce should now give some younger players a chance with our season over,Penny and Kieran Lee played for the under 23s the other day and might gamble by giving them a run out,Bruce must know now who he thinks will be here next season and should be dropping these players,will we really miss Reach today as he as been a regular in the side?
  13. If United had midfielders who could support more with goals,they would have easily won this league,Fleck does not seem to like shooting regulary,Duffy seems to get the team going when playing,but Wilder keeps dropping or subbing to much
  14. Hooper playing will be a big shock to the Owls fans,Kieran Lee & Matt Penney back soon as well,just at the right time
  15. Forum was the turning point,when Mr Chansiri was put under loads of pressure from the fans and he knew he was running everything wrong to promote the club and please the fans,Who advised Mr Chansiri with the choice of Jos,but was Jos told by Mr Chansiri not to play,Westwood,Hutchinson and the other older players so there was no option of offering them new contracts if they were in the team,and only give the Young players a chance to save money,that is the Question we really want know from Mr Chansiri ,but will we ever find this out? Jos had to go as he knew nothing about English football,then picking Bruce was right for the Championship as he knew how to get teams playing right
  16. The Buses service at Herdings was not correctly again this morning,as the 1a was late again,an it looks like a person must have got feed up with this so unreliable bus service from First and not being able to get work on time,had altercation with the Driver a throw something at him,First should take this blame for such a rubbish bus service in the Mornings,and making people late for work,we used to have two buses in the morning the 56 & 1a and they were reliable,then First remove the 56 buses and now the 1a is so unreliable and late nearly everyday,there is no use ringing up at complaining at First as they alaways come back with Rubbish answers,and nothing gets done to improve the 1a Bus Times
  17. Wilder as done a Superb job without backing from the Board,they do deserve to go up,but Norwich & Leeds look like the 2 to go up,United should have scored more goals,but the midfield players seems scared of shooting Fleck might be good on the ball but seems never wanting to shot,Duffy keeps getting dropped by Wilder when he seems to be the player that gets United going,Aston Villa game might be the game that will cost United,bet Unitedites wish the play-offs wasn"t happening and 3rd place will do,United v Villa in play-off Final would be very interesting
  18. Come on Brucie,Play Your Cards Right,and get us into the Play-offs
  19. Sam Winnal would love a run out a Derby,as he did well for them when out on loan,like to see the strikers Brucie picks today with Foresteri & Joao not available
  20. Hope Steve Bruce can change the style we play,as the United game was just booting the ball up to Fletcher,just like the fans have seen before,hope its a faster type of football with Skillfull players,and more passing type of play,next season might be totally different with a new set off players Steve Bruce wants to bring in,so the fans will wanting to see how many players finally leave the Owls,Why?did we sign so many unwanted players
  21. Wouldn"t it be a laugh if the Owls go up and the Blades miss out on the play-offs,you never know what can happen with football,Fulham did it last season
  22. Hector really let the side down yesterday,and just shows that nobody really wants to sign him up by being to unreliable,tackle on Foresteri should have been a red card,Bruce must now know he as got a lot of clearing out to do with this squad,as the previous managers have wasted so much money on below par players and over packed the Squad instead of selling some players that are not good enough to deserve a place in the team
  23. Steve Bruce must soon be realising the midfield needs changing,so they can create more chances for out strikers,and the Owls team needs speeding up,like to see the team Bruce picks for the Rotherham game,the loan players will be brought in to make there debuts
  24. Monday always seems to be the worst day catching a bus early for work,with loads topping there cards on buses,and the drivers not able to keep up with the demand,that is why i would like the option of topping up your card on the internet,drivers now have buses that switch engines off,so slows the journey more,why? can"t First & Stage Coach work with Paypal to make it able to Top cards up and take the pressure of drivers being late All the Time,then more people will have more trust in buses getting them to work on time,1a late again and nothing done to improve the service Why?
  25. Bannan as really missed playing with Kieran Lee,they were a superb pair together,and just wish we could sign someone who plays like Kieran Lee,an get Bannan back creating chances,if Steve Bruce wants to change the midfield positions,Bannan could easily be worth 6 -8million in the current transfer market
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