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  1. First knew there were road works to be done outside the Nether Edge Hospital were the Buses 47 an 48 run,an now they have not altered anything to make these buses run more Reliable,First know that these buses run on One Lane Roads an easily get stuck in Traffic at Peak times,i was in town at 12 o"clock today at the bottom of the Moor an the Biggest Bus Que was at the stop were the 47 an 48 stops an No bus came till about 1 o"clock,First are just useless with the Bus Service in Sheffield an Need to be removed,so lets Stagecoach be the Main Service
  2. Why?in Sheffield can"t We use the 7 day saver Bus Passes on either Company Buses,or Bring out a 7 Day Saver South Yorkshire one were you can use it on the First an Stage Coach Buses,as some routes in Sheffield were the First an Stage Coach both go on,you are sometimes stuck waiting for the buses who you have got a pass with,so if a pass was available to chose any bus going on the routes you could travel around Sheffield Faster,Just hope it becomes available soon to help the Sheffield Public more
  3. Why do the Bus Drivers in Sheffield Drive with there Timetables in Front of them,an do not seem to work to the Timetables,because theres nobody watching them loads drive as they are not bothered about working to the correct times,an when they stop at bus stops with nobody wanting to catch the bus,they just sit there an annoy the passengers
  4. The Buses should never have been designed like this,its really annoying sitting on the Backseat of Double Decker Buses with people just putting there feets on the Opposite seats,You can never say to people to put there feet down,because you don"t know what Reaction you will get from that Person,Hope the Future Buses change the layout of the Seating to Stop people from having any chance putting there feet on seats,Why?can"t the Drivers also tell passengers to stop doing this,an also stop people eating on Buses,as the Smell on Buses as got Worst nowdays
  5. Amazon have loads on there,an Techradar for Tv Reviews
  6. Sky are in the taking over o2 Broadband an I bet there having trouble getting it done so easy,so that's why the internet might be slow
  7. my disc is to high to reach, I could reach the back to remove snow through my living room window,but unable to clear the Front as that points to my next doors bedroom,Sky should have made it more easier to be able the Clean an Wipe the Dishes but they have not,so you have to pay for someone to get it cleaned or repaired by there engineers
  8. We were told to go digital to make it easier an better quality pictures instead of using are Aerials,but today because of the Snow,i have been unable to see any programmes on Sky,so this just shows that digital tv is not all that good at All if the Weathers bad,will we get a Apology or refund from Sky because of this happening today,just had to watch tv on my Smartphone
  9. Why can"t we have lcd cameras in the Bus Drivers Seating place,as alot of Bus Drivers do not seem bothered in helping people get to there desinations on time,alot Drivers know they can get away with driving slow because theres no inspectors watching them,Bus timetables seems to be a Waste of in Sheffield as you can never Trust a Driver getting there on the Time Stated,First never seem to show to the Sheffield Public that they are trying to Improve things,so alot of people thinks its a Waste of time Ringing Up an Complaining because they Know nothing is going to be Done,so if Taxi Drivers need cameras fitted why can"t the Buses do the same to make the Bus Drivers change there Attitude an Improve the Service
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