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  1. Yorkshire Post put a good item on the there webpage,Will not strengthening the Strike Force cost Wednesday Relegation,this is what annoys the fans,we all there Rubbish in the strike force,and why Mr Chansiri or Thompson as not looked for players unregistered to strengthen the team up front,o.k we got Green but no chance of him playing yet,so they should be looking now to get anyone in to help us,then Nigel Pearson being offered the Bristol City manager job more bad news
  2. Now we are seeing the Thompson is not a Full time manager with is team selection yesterday,plus Liam Shaw doing the same again ,jumping in with a tackle when already being on a yellow card,as football; is not like it use to be reguarding tackling,you could see the players heads were down an didn"t look like a team eager to win,then Tommo again brings Uchunga on,when he doesn"t look like a player who is going to change the game,Mr Chansiri needs to bring in a manager now,as these players under Tommo do not look very confident in winning a game,as were on the way down now
  3. Thompson might not be a top class manager,but hope he as had word with the players,that there attitude as got change,if they want to safe this club and there careers,the second half the other night was not good enough at all,and showed no desire to win the game at All,Tommo as also got the learn that the substitutes can also change the game,but they were very bad against Stoke,o.k were glad Bannan as signed a new contract,but we have got to stop him bossing the team,and let someone else take corners or free kicks as most of the time,they are not good enough at All
  4. The attitude of the way the team play shows were are in bad trouble,and can not trust how we are going to play,last night showed we are still in trouble in the striker position,and a midfield not bothered in creating chances,the Liam Shaw transfer shows to the fans,that this club is not bothered in getting into the Premiership,and if we do go down then its Mr Chansiri who deserves to take the blame
  5. Midfield so shocking against Millwall,that something needs changing,Reach & bannan need to be dropped to show they can just not fit into any team and need to battle to keep the places in the team,but itss be so easy for them they seem to think they will never get dropped 4th Millwall goal just showed the Midfield was rubbish,When will see Green in the team now we have signed him?
  6. Mr Chansiri so lucky this lockdown is on,as loads of fans would have been down at the ground,protesting about the mess he as put our club in,No manager yet is just disgusting,with the transfer market finishing tomorrow and no signings,trying to help us stop up,why can"t he tell the fans about Thompson keeping in charge till the end of the season,as he can"t now have no chance of bringing a forgein manager,as he will have to isolate for 13 days before being allowed to work,if Mr Chansiri sends us down,then loads will stop going to watch the team,so more money lost,Why?no manager yet just shows he is useless reguarding football
  7. Brucie might be sacked soon,so is Chansiri waiting for this to happen?
  8. Stage Coach started off well in Sheffield and were very reliable,but now they have changed there bus timetables,and some buses are stood at bus stops too long,when there is no one there and don"t just do this once but about 2 to 3 times,so you get annoyed with the driver just waiting at a bus stop when your trying to get to the place you want to as quick as you can,instead of gaining passengers doing this there just going to stop people wanting to catch any of there Buses,Why have Stage Coach brought this on when First do not seems very odd,and when you see a driver just stopping the bus for a cigarette or even doing a crossword it can be very annoying indeed
  9. Thompson while end of season as it looks as Chansiri needs time to pick the right one
  10. So glad at last to see some young players coming through the youth ranks, we have not had some for ages after the Sterland,Mark Smith era,Shaw looks very promising,but the club know better get him signed up to a contract or lose him,Don"t Know why Pulis never like young players like Matt Penny or Izzy Brown,but Thompson knows how good these youngster are,so glad he is giving them a chance to Proof themselves,Ryan Lowe & Neil Thompson might be good choices to be the leaders of the Owls
  11. Alan Biggs put on twitter Paul Cook being interviewed yesterday afternoon,but no news yet,we do not want a foreign manager in who can not tell the players what to do from the sidelines
  12. Premiership might be good for money,but its a League were the Top 6 can not be challenged,if any team gets a good young player coming through is ranks and does well,then the Top 6 will be on its trail,just look at Brighton a good midfielder coming on good but already,been tracked by the Top 6,Wages is then problem once in there,like Lundstrum wanting a pay rise at the Lane so United said No,Until United changes its wage policy then Wilder knows he can not get Top Class players in,Norwich did the right thing kept hold of most of there Best players and went down and might be straight back up again
  13. O.k it was good getting back in Premiership by United,but its a league were the Top 6 are miles better than the others,and no one can really challenge them,an United might have done well last season,then Wilder found it really hard to attract players to the club as he didn"t want to change the wages policy at United,that is why Londstrum as not signed a new contract at the club,so feel very sorry him,o.k United might have done better with the fans in the ground behind them in Bramhall Lane,but now admits he might just be able to get players in on loan instead of spending more money after spending £48 million just on 2 players,but if Wilder was sacked who the United fans like,Norwich did the right thing last season not throwing on players,if United went down they still get parachute payments
  14. Paul Cook being interviewed today Alan Biggs & Sheffield Star as on Twitter
  15. So glad Penny & Brown were given a chance the other night,as Pulis didn"t seem to like these players and chose Pelupessy the player to bring on most of the time,want to see Penny going down the wings and Brown a attacking type of midfielder
  16. Ryan Lowe with Neil Thompson is assistant might be a good choice,as Thopmsons knows the good and bad players at the club
  17. Well done lad,played there normal style of play instead of Pulis type hitting teams on the break,that is what you couldn"t beleieve from Pulis with the squad having not to many quick players,like Strikers or Midfield,Penney given a chance at last as Pulis would not give him a chance in the side,think Pulis & Chansiri fell out after Pulis wanted Hutchinson back,but Chansiri didn"t want to waste is money on a player who gets injured or suspended all the time and not in the side regular,that is why Chansiri told Monk to get rid of Hutchinson,Fletcher & Fox so they weren"t getting easy money off Chansiri
  18. Praise & Grumble on at 2 o"clock over Pulis sacking,just can"t wait to listen to fans reactions,Radio Sheffield
  19. Paul Cook is the one i would like,as Pearson as said before,he does not want pressure on is kids at school if things go wrong if he is the Owls manager,a good choice
  20. Pulis was very good at talking,but is style of play he tried at The Owls loads knew it would not work,o.k we might have loads of defenders,but very weak in midfield or strikers when it came to scoring goals,trying to hit teams on the break,loads knew it would not work at The Owls,to much defending is not a way to win games and please the fans,Brown or Penney never given a chance under Pulis seemed odd,as he seemed to like picking Pelupessy instead,not a lot of fans favourite,feel sorry for Windass a lonenly striker up front trying is best,hope Paul Cook is given a chance now
  21. Hutchinson had is contract termonated at is club,so might be on is way back to the Owls
  22. Pulis again made some changes,but what type of players is he thinking of bringing in to change the team,as to a lot of fans Pulis is not attacking type of manager,we want to see at this club,just can"t wait to the signings he is hoping to bring in?
  23. Pulis seems to be make a loads of fans very angry with is style of play,as the fans love to see attacking type of football,but Pulis seems to be a more defending type of play he likes,but with the squad we have,i bet its going to be along time to see goals scored at Hillsborough under Pulis,and loads will be very angry with Mr Chansiri picking Pulis,just like to see the players Pulis will bring in when the transfer market does open and finally get this team winning again
  24. Over paying players cause anger between players,as Foresteri is a good example of that,he was brilliant before Fletcher came along,then he found out about what Fletch was getting paid,and decided not to go to the Norwich game,then is career at the Owls went on a down turn,Wilder does the right thing at United makes every player on the same wages,the money Mr Chasiri as spent at the club is just amazing,even Pulis keeps saying that,but just look at our team now,and the form at Hillsborough is just rubbish,and feel sorry for them with season tickets,hope Pulis is backed in January,and like to see how many players in this current squad keep the places
  25. The Owls fans got really excited when Mr Chansiri stepped in to save the club,but ever since he as moved in,the club as just gone on a downward trend,because he knew nothing about English football,and as not never got someone in to help him out,like setting up a Director of the club,O.k the First season he stepped in we did o.k,but then some choices of managers he chose as been shocking,except for Steven Bruce who was doing o.k until Newcastle in the Premiership moved in,Josh and Monk have been really bad managers at the club,an look at the squad now Tony Pulis as got to work with,we are over the place,no left back & centre forward,hope Mr Chansiri back Pulis in the transfer window or we will end up going down
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