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  1. Hey all. I am a little lost at what to do. I have just moved to a new place which has there own wifi and they won't let me add my own services to the property as it will interfere with they current set up apparently *yawn* Which is also annoying because they have it set up so poorly my PS3 won't hook up to the PSN. So basicly what I need help with is where can I go to get around this. I have heard or MiFi and that but they all have like 10gb a month data limit and I would need much more!! I want it for my laptop and for my PS3 so, And I am a heavy data user. Now I remember something advertising on TV a few months back of some sort of router that runs off 3G or 4G where all you need to do is plug it and it works automatically but I can't remember the name of this and I can't find it. This would be perfect for me! But yeah if anyone can suggest anything that doesn't require a phone line then I would be forever grateful -Carl
  2. Hey, Webcams can only be accessed if you have started it and allowed it. It's the web IP cams (for cctv) which passwords have to be changed. But if its built into your laptop there should be a light on it that will turn on if the cameras active. I constantly have to check mine to make sure its not on because it makes me paranoid lol!
  3. I had someone attempting to commit arson on me last night O.o
  4. Make your own personal backup when you have rebuilt it and keep it on a USB stick, So if a problem arises again wether it be a computer failure or your son you won't have expensive bills or need to take it into a shop.
  5. This is different from what I was offered through the social. Sounds to me the support provider may be a certain private one. If so good luck too your son. I would never recomend sharing, Even if your best friends things can go wrong. Bill wise you tend to only pay a set rent (discounted if housing benifits are in play) So lets say £7 a week. They tend to pay the electric and gas as in a shared house if one person doesnt pay up why should the other person suffer. Water tends to vary. ALWAYS check the TV licence. I was told that my support workers had paid the licence and they hadn't and I got a huge fine. Food normally has to be bought by the tenant but if theres a special provision in place then.... Who knows. Social/support workers have there meal subsidised by the management for if they are having a special meal together or they get it themselves. At no point is it acceptable to touch a young persons food without consent and management tend to have to agree aswell. When I did a cooking obs and I purchased the food I had to get the manager to agree for my key worker to be able to have some aswell. If you have any other questions please feel free to inbox me. I have lived in several however the provision does sound different but happy to help in anyway I can. ---------- Post added 27-10-2014 at 09:53 ---------- Also always check about council tax, some pay it themselves some expect you to take that responsibility. Sit down with your son and work together in making a list of questions ready to ask, record the answers and ask the worker to sign after if you want to be super safe. Trust me you won't regret it latter.
  6. First remove your simcard and give it a wipe and replace and try again. Anther reason could be either your contract has expired or not been paid. Or the simcard has developed a fault.
  7. If you have any further questions or problems or even want help sorting it out give me a message I will be happy to help.
  8. For me it would have to be Mel B. In my personal opinion she has no talent and her attitude and voice rubs me up the wrong way. She looks like a man But this is just my personal opinion P.s On skype to an american friend and he said JUSTIN BIEBER I would also like to add this to my comment and I won't even back it up with a reason But if anyone works at an airport I would like to suggest they refuse him access to the country on the grounds he may carry EBOLA on top of other infections if you get my drift ;D
  9. Must admit that could actually come in handy! And could really help tidy up some long posts I would love to see this introduced!
  10. Wish I could suggest a few places but I tend to go drinking in Liverpool haha But if you ever are in Liverpool I suggest the Hope and Anchor
  11. You will be better giving customer service a ring. It could be down to several different things that would be hard for us to work out without inside knowledge
  12. Talking from MAJOR knowledge on this exact issue I would recommend netnanny. Cheap and works a treat and you control everything and pretty much impossible to get around and trust me I'm non fool when it comes to computers and it made my life hell. K9 protection can easily be disabled. Netnanny was my biggest enemy for years!
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