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  1. I haven't used either but I found a thread on Maggotdrowners saying that MAP 501 is a better pole for less money. Im considering a 501 for the new year- theyve just brought out an upgrade to their TKS range called G2, lighter and stiffer. Should be in shops soon.
  2. I always use maggot for the grayling, although caster works well too. Loosefeeding plenty seems to bring the chub into the swim, if they are any around. Not tried worm but meat is the bait for the barbel, I'm told.
  3. I think all the rats have been exterminated now at Oughtibridge. Its free fishing downstream and also upstream- both the park on on one bank and the sports field on the other. Full of trout, grayling, the odd nice chub, a few perch and very occssional dace. There are barbel but Ive not caught any (yet!). Not much flow at the moment, it needs a good flush through.
  4. Well, we fished our match yesterday and averaged more than 22lb per angler. It was won with 44lb - a couple of carp plus lots of ide caught fishing top 2 + 2 with maggot. I trailed in 6th with 25lb+ mainly on worm and caster at 9m- again 2 carp and 37 ide. Good venue and we'll certainly be back. Thanks for advice lads.
  5. Cheers, 6 or 7 m sounds more like my pole tactics than 14m.
  6. Im fishing a match on the Split lake in a couple of weeks. Not fished it before. Can anyone give me any pointers as to tactics, baits, depths etc please? Thanks, Rich
  7. All depends where I'm fishing. Take loads of stuff when matchfishing, box, 2 small bags of bait (with reserve in van!), bag with nets, roller, tray, flask etc the holdhall with pole and 3 rods. Far too much! But then if I'm on the river I'll just take rod, landing net, haversack and maybe a chair if I'm not roving.
  8. Anyone heard about a small salmon being caught near Claywheels Lane recently? Apparently on a spinner.
  9. Fancied an hours fly fishing to calm me down after the Blades match yesterday- chocolate brown and level up. Ah well, another day! ---------- Post added 08-05-2015 at 00:15 ---------- Had a couple of hours fly fishing on the Don before tonight's Blades match. 2 trout on nymph and 5 on dry fly. There was a spell of about 20 minutes when they were taking small white flies off the top- thats when O caught- then nothing at all risimg even tho the same white flies were still everywhere.
  10. I fish the Don upstream of Hillsboro' and anywhere you can legally get to the water is good fishing for grayling, trout, the odd chub, barbel and dace. Also fished at back of dog track and its same there. Read a few posts on here and you'll see its the same from Stocksbridge all the way down to Meadowhall. Lower down becomes normal coarse fishing- ie specimen barbel, chub, roach, bream etc. I don't remove any fish at all so wouldn't recommend it. Leave them in for others to have sport with, is my view. There have been past threads concerning the purity of the Don around Sheffield esp mercury levels but I reckon you'd have top eat a lot of fish to be affected.
  11. Alf, the gov site is just a summary. The opening date is 25th on rivers in Yorkshire.
  12. Not till 25th you can't alf. I rang EA hotline today as someone was fishing. They were sending someone down to catch him. There's no fishing on rivers from march 15th to 24th inclusive. https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/295532/Northeast_byelaws.pdf Yorkshire Byelaws These byelaws apply on all waters within the Region southwards of, but not including the River Tees and its tributaries. Salmon and trout close seasons The close season for salmon is from 1 November to 5 April inclusive The close season for all non-migratory trout in rivers, streams, drains and canals and for brown trout in all waters other than enclosed stillwaters, is from 1 October to 24 March inclusive. There is no close season for rainbow trout in any stillwater or for brown trout on enclosed stillwaters.
  13. You can't fish for trout until 25th March! That's when the trout season starts.
  14. Can anyone remember a couple of spots that I fished when I was a youngster? First two places we were taken to by my mate's dad in the sixties. He worked for British Rail and I seem to remember having to cross railway lines to reach the places. The second two, we used to bike it from Chesterfield, rods strapped to the crossbar. 1. Foxlow- this was like a small river and I think it was an oxbow lake next to the Rother. We fished a couple of matches there, one of which I won with 6 small roach. 2. More obscure was somewhere called Blackwaters, near Whittington- we were dumped there, in the middle of nowhere and told that it definitely had fish in it. I remember it being like fishing a swamp- we didn't catch anything at all. 3. Foxton Dam- I think this is still going. Fished this a few times, assured that it contained big tench, but we just caught roach. 4. Dolly Pond- on the way from Whittington to Eckington on the right hand side. It used to be stuffed with perch and we paid the farmer to fish there. I live some way away now, so haven't been in that area for some years, but would love to know if anyone else fished there.
  15. Won't the water level stay exactly the same? The same volume of water will still be entering the point where the weir was and it all still has to go downstream. It means we'll get more salmon and sea trout getting upstream to breed- but imagine turning up one day in the future to fish at Oughtibridge and a big sign being there saying that it is now private fishing for the Don Salmon Society! It'll happen one day.
  16. I'd leave the license the same, i.e. 1 license covers 1 or 2 rods. Then give anglers the chance to license extra rods, for example £10 for the third rod. Why do carp anglers need 3 rods by the way? They used to manage with 2 rods but at some point started to need 3 rods. Is it the pod manufacturers making pods for 3 rods that convinces people they need 3 rods? Lord knows what they would do if all 3 rods had bites.
  17. Who owns the stretch Johnnie? I'd scale up to 11/12lb if I were you. Bit cold for barbel but you never know. I use pellets in the feeder and then plug with halibut groundbait- think that attracts the fish into the swim. Thing is with halibuts is that once the fish get a taste for them they feed more and more on them- I guess if no one is feeding them in, they might not recognise them. Have you tried boilies, maybe wrapped with a bit of halibut flavoured paste?
  18. If it helps, my rig for barbel on the Calder is a hair rig, inch and a half long on variety of eyed hook sizes, usually a 12 or 14 but I do go bigger. Hooklength is Preston Power 11lb tied to a swivel. Length of hooklength- between 2 feet and 4 feet. Above swivel on main line is a rubber bead then a snap swivel with either bomb or cage feeder. Above the snap swivel is a ledger stop which turns the rig into a semi fixed bolt rig which the fish can pull free from the feeder/ bomb if you snap on the main line for any reason. I use 12lb maxima main line. I wouldn't go down as far as 8lb unless its totally snag free (Calder is full of snags). Also I use a baitrunner reel. Barbel tend to hook themselves with a long run whilst chub just rattle the tip round. I think chub are harder to hit on a hair rig- they are wily buggers! When are you getting broke mate? On the strike or whilst playing? If its on the strike, could it be chub bite offs? May be worth trying 1ml halibut pellets for the barbel with 4 or 6ml pellets in the feeder. Great that you're getting fish on the Rother- I'm from Chesterfield originally and the Rother up there used to be really manky- not a fish in site and used to smell of creosote from the Wingerworth coking plant. My main aim 2015 is to catch a barbel from the Don above Sheffield.
  19. I rarely bother to back shot- but maybe I should.
  20. My most expensive tickle is reserved for my missus and in private.
  21. Me and the lad had a go fly fishing on the upper Don the other afternoon- I managed to catch a nice grayling but no trout. We're not regular fly anglers but it at least gets us back fishing on the river. Lots of small white flies were on the river so I used the smallest dry white fly I had and got a take almost straight away. Lots of fish taking flies off the surface for just a short period of time, then it went quiet with just a couple of risers. Anyone else been on there with the flies?
  22. Lobby can you advise if it is legal to fish with live flies? I've tried those imitation ones but have much more fun trying to catch the live flies for using on the hook.
  23. Do you fish near Claywheels Lane in Sheffield? Actions I found this post on Yorkshire fishing forum so thought I'd share it. From: southyorkshirepolice Do you fish near Claywheels Lane in Sheffield? 6 hours ago Post by southyorkshirepolice on 6 hours ago Police are seeking to trace to fishermen who may have been fishing near Claywheels Lane in Sheffield on Tuesday, 17 December last year as they may hold vital information. The men, described as regular fly fishers at the site, are thought to be aged between 40 and 50 and from the Penistone area of South Yorkshire. They are urged to call South Yorkshire Police on 101, quoting incident number 299 of April 2 2014. Thank you for your assistance. Read more: http://yorksfishing.proboards.com/thread/28648/fish-near-claywheels-lane-sheffield#ixzz2xkUO6RZR
  24. I had a great or lucky season depending on your view I guess, 1. 12 barbel from the River Calder, biggest 8lb 4oz- caught my first ever Calder barbel last season but this one beat my barbel pb. 2. Two 2lb perch from the River Dearne, biggest 2lb 12oz, another pb 3. A 10oz dace from the Dearne- biggest one I've ever bothered to weigh. 4. A 1lb grayling from the River Don, again the biggest I've ever bothered to weigh. 5. A sea trout from the Dearne, over 2lb. 6. A pb brown trout of 2lb 12oz last week from the River Calder. Also had my biggest Calder chub from the Calder but I've previously caught a bigger one. So its all downhill from here I guess.............
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